More Obama religiosity


Honestly, enough with the religious crap from the White House. So now what, he’s a committed Jediist? Or perhaps this is just more religious pandering. Will it stop the Christians fundamentalists from thinking he’s the anti-Christ? Could it provoke the Jedi fundamentalists to think he’s the new Sith Dark Lord?

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15 Responses to “More Obama religiosity”

  1. Well, religious folks are suckers.

  2. Well they could also be the fifth column of insanity

  3. Well, that wasn't feedback that I wanted to see.

  4. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are not stupid, and I certainly don't consider myself to be "stupider people". But overall, the bulk of what Frank Schaeffer says is true.

  5. Neither was Goebbels. In fact, he had a Ph.D.

  6. Look at it this way: the tenets of Jediism are a lot less harmful than the tenets of some other religions with which we are all too familiar.

  7. I indeed had high hopes Obama could bring Progressive balance to the Force, but . . . he's gone all Darth Centrist. So much for audacity.

  8. 1 in 12 people always thing "the other" is the anti-christ. If "the other" is the anti-christ, then you must be good and just and righteous. Or you're a delusional asshole.
    It's the same as the stats of people who expect the Rapture this year…that never change.

  9. Darth Centrist

    Great term. He's actually always been centrist. He just looked left compared to last year's far right competition.

  10. In being a NAZI socialist who ended up in East Berlin.

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