Jedi persecution

According to the Sun, British retail and grocery chain Tesco has been accused of religious discrimination because they banned a Jedi for wearing a hooded garment. Such garments are considered sacred by followers of Jediism, known as Jedis. “I walked past a Muslim lady in a veil. Surely the same rules should apply to everyone” [...]

More Obama religiosity

Honestly, enough with the religious crap from the White House. So now what, he’s a committed Jediist? Or perhaps this is just more religious pandering. Will it stop the Christians fundamentalists from thinking he’s the anti-Christ? Could it provoke the Jedi fundamentalists to think he’s the new Sith Dark Lord?

God belief is a third wheel

Having just read this bit on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s raving about the necessity of religion, I’m reminded again of how god belief has such a successful track record of tagging along as a third wheel, and by successful I mean fooling people into thinking it’s anything but a third wheel. Certainly here [...]

Belief and logic?

When logic gets twisted to suit one’s needs, as in making what one wants to believe seem true or an illogical choice seem rational, that’s called rationalizing. You can see some great examples of this here in a comically titled piece, ‘Atheism Logical?’ It’s full of what I guess passes for logic when you need [...]

What the Heck?

Here’s a doozy, a Christian claiming no atheists could be in birthing centers because human births are SO amazing that he can’t fathom how they could occur without a god. Time to revisit the logical fallacy of personal incredulity: Personal Incredulity: Also known as the argument from ignorance, is an assertion that because one can’t [...]