Oh New Jersey, you’re the source of such amusement. According to this story, a gay guy went to have his fortune read and what did he hear? That he was going to burn in hell. Faaaabulous! Of course the customer didn’t much care for the prognostication, and that’s when the hilarity ensued. A born-again Christian, [...]

A molotov for morons, part 2

Continuing from yesterday, I want to conclude the breakdown of shenanigans employed by one “Molotov Mitchell” in his ridiculous video entitled, “The faith of the atheist”. This half of his shenanigans are far more devious and employ numerous logical fallacies which perhaps are less obvious to detect as shenanigans as yesterday’s, but then these are [...]

A molotov for morons, part 1

I had the misfortune of viewing this awful video by a clown calling himself “Molotov Mitchell” entitled “The faith of the atheist”. Now perhaps your reaction after viewing it is, “what a moron” but actually, I think he’s rather clever. Unfortunately, his cleverness is based on the belief that his target audience is comprised of [...]

Let’s Jam!

Three years ago today, I gave this blogging thing a go. Well I haven’t given up yet on the blogging, but I have given up on Blogger. There was some shit with Blogger a couple of weeks ago and that was the proverbial straw that broke the back of my stalling to get the fuck [...]