God is not American


An age old marketing goal is to make your product a necessity, and one way to achieve that is to glom on to a pre-existing product in some way. I’m not talking about making plugins for a major software application, creating apps and accessories for iPhones, or even making bed liners and other items for trucks since those things are wholly dependent upon those hosts. No, I’m thinking more of say Nike who makes athletic gear and certainly benefits from people being enthusiastic about athletics and exercise, but they’re not dependent on that. Still, they do benefit from such enthusiasm, and have worked to encourage that enthusiasm (ie – “Just do it”) while cleverly tying themselves to athletics and exercise. For some, they’re inseparable to the point that should you not use Nike when you exercise, you’re not properly exercising. Reading this story out of Tampa, I’m reminded again of this marketing ideal.

I’ll assume most of you are familiar with this campaign, “Why do atheists hate America?” Christianity successfully glommed on to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 by getting “under god” awkwardly jammed into it. Being something that’s not just a necessity but a daily requirement for every public school student to recite as well as for adults at various times, this was a highly successful marketing move. Also like Nike, Christianity has encouraged enthusiasm in its host while cleverly tying itself to it, making the two inseparable. This is how you get people believing atheists, objecting to this religious imposition on the Pledge of Allegiance, are somehow unAmerican or anti-America. Years ago the Jehovah Witnesses suffered such charges as they fought for the right to not have to stand and recite the Pledge due to its new religiously infused state. It’s quite possible that this Muslim student who refused to stand for or recite the Pledge of Allegiance had similar objections, but another student, understandably unable to separate religion from American patriotism, saw this refusal as an affront to her nation.

This is one of many reasons why there’s supposed to be a separation of church and state. The objections to religious intrusions into government, be they secular or religiously based, are objections that should never have reason to exist, and wouldn’t if the separation of church and state was respected and safeguarded. The intrusions themselves are an affront to us all, but success of deceiving people into believing that objections to such affronts is unAmerican, hatefully attacking America, is repugnant.

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  1. You said, "[Nike benefits] from such enthusiasm, and have worked to encourage that enthusiasm (ie – “Just do it”) while cleverly tying themselves to athletics and exercise. For some, they’re inseparable to the point that should you not use Nike when you exercise, you’re not properly exercising."

    I agree. The Nike analogy was spot-on. They did the exact same thing to infiltrate skateboarding by cleverly tying themselves to it (the "what if all athletes were treated like skateboarders" commercial campaign from 5 years or so ago), and it worked.

    God is not American – great post title – if you haven't, you should read Jesus is not Republican. It's a decent book.

  2. Good point Philly. God is clearly not American by the fact that the entire concept of Hell is a cruel and unusual punishment and that Heaven is a concept of economic perpetual motion (vacation time doesn't actually work that way unless you're investor savy rich). Jesus wasn't a republican either, good point cl, Jesus was actually a Communist teacher and organiser, that's why legend has it that he spent all his time promoting free lunches for the poor and sniveling at the rich and successful like a conniving wuss, and somewhat of a Gay Hippy too with his long hair, sandels, and spending all his social time sleeping with the fishermen in their boats while they were doing actual work.

  3. QF:
    Hippie Jesus with just a touch (but not too much) of a socialist bent was an image that youth ministers used to make Jesus appealing to teens, back in the day. Rebel Jesus was another popular image back then.

  4. I went to a new high school in my final year (yeah, it sucked) and was surprised on the first day when no one in homeroom recited the Pledge of Allegiance. It played over the loud speaker and people just continued talking, etc. Of course, I don't remember anyone reciting the pledge at my old high school either. I really don't remember reciting the pledge after 7th grade.

  5. Correct! God is not American. He was born of the flesh 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem in what is known today as Isreal.Before this birth he did not have a body but was the preincarnate Christ. He was, is and will be. He is the great I AM.He is before all creation. All things exist because of Him. Yeshua-Joshua is His Hebrew Name.

    I wonder if Obama is American ?

  6. God is not American because God is not real. Makes it really simple.

  7. God is like Coke. He's the real thing.

  8. A concept on paper is in limbo until it has been proven with factual evidence. God is in limbo-land at best.

  9. Great, then you wouldn't mind trying to convince your believer buddies to back off all that under god, in god we trust, so help me god, etc crap then, right? Great. Thanks a bunch. :)

  10. Well it sure seems to be addictive like coke. I never got into coke because it's a buzzkill, just like god belief.

  11. In God we trust all others pay cash. Having God on a coin means nothing if you do not believe in him,right? No one is forced to pray or say a pledge. I would not have chosen to put words like that on coins. If God is God ,plastering his name around doesn't mean anything anyway. I believe in seperation of church , mosque, temple and state. I do not want anyone's religion pushed down my throat. I want the freedom to believe if I want or If I do not want . I feel churches should pay more taxes then they do now. Believe me in some areas they do. I was a pastor for many years and I paid them. Check out some big denominations like the Catholic Church or others. They could help pay for health care if they paid taxes. I can see where you would get upset with religion.
    It is man's rules. Upset with Christians, Moslems,Judaism? Why not? I am at times. I won't deny Christ. I do not blame Christ. Really, you don't either, because you do not believe in Him. I would not lump all Christians in one mold. You have all types. It takes all types of people to make up this world.

    Gute Nacht fron Arizona where it is hotter than hades.

  12. Limbo-land ? God is not Roman Catholic . He is an Independent and he does not worship his mother either.

  13. Commie, your god is a commie Bandit, not independent. This is why he despises rich and successful people, and people who love to boast about how rich and successful they are compared to the poor who keep getting poorer. The irony of all this is that OT God is a Jew while NT God is a Communist.

  14. By that logic, should I assume then that should we change things to "under Zeus" or "in fairies we trust", there would be no reason to object? You answered your own question when you said, "I do not want anyone's religion pushed down my throat."

    Yes, I don't care for religion but that's not solely because religious people and religious organizations do bad things, but because it's based on a faulty premise held by a faulty mode of decision making – faith. I am an atheist, but first and foremost I value rational, critical thinking and faith is the antithesis to that.

  15. How would one know whether a god had a mother or not, how he felt about her, or whether he wore boxers or briefs or simply preferred freeballin'?

  16. There can't be Jewish Commies? Have you heard of kabutzes?

  17. Try reading "Thinking For A Change " by John C Maxwell. Question the acceptance of popular thinking.

    Worship of Mary= goddess Diana – eternal virgin of Greek Mythology.

    Roman Catholicism assists atheists in their despising of Christianity. No wonder.

    Chief, got any American native blood in your veins ? If you do you probably are of Asian descent also , since
    those folks wandered over the ice many moon ago and arrived in this country. I am of the Blackfeet Tribe.


  18. Philly said, "[religion is] based on a faulty premise held by a faulty mode of decision making – faith. I am an atheist, but first and foremost I value rational, critical thinking and faith is the antithesis to that."

    Your claim that religion is based on a faulty premise (faith) is mere opinion that I would challenge you to substantiate with something concrete: that faith is the sole or primary virtue of religion (and/or Christianity) is simply not true. Now, even if it were true, you'd still be conflating faith with something more like blind trust in fantasy with zero ground for support – and granted – many religious people (and/or "Christians") do express their faith exactly that way: a rigid, non-thinking, non-critically considering outlook on life – and we're agreed that is the antithesis to rational, critical thinking. You imply that faith and reason are mutually exclusive when they're not. Now keep my aforementioned caveat in mind to soften the impact of this next statement, but history – especially science – has shown that great minds can embrace both, and there's no reason to think in black-and-white.

    Strain your personal opinions from your arguments.

  19. I don't need to be instructed to question, especially to question what's popular.

    You didn't answer how anyone could know anything about what a god may think, feel, prefer or do, and I think people were worshipping female deities long before Diana.

  20. Your Italian Catholic friends must love you. You didn't answer the native thing.

    What does God think? That is a question for your spirit-seula and of course certain
    ancient texts. You wont ask Him because you do not believe Him.

    Darwin's buddy was not diety. He ……… You don't miss too much.

  21. I don't answer new questions while old ones are still pending.

    I can think of maybe one Italian Catholic friend and yes, I think she may love me, I may have some Native blood but probably far more Nordic and no, I don't miss much at all.

    I don't pose questions to things which don't seem to exist, but should I assume you do and at least one has answered you so far?

  22. Well, Philly, I'm half Italian and a (recovering) Catholic, and though I only know you through various blogs, I certainly love your writing and your logic!

  23. That answers it ! Nordic, I knew it.

    Ok I'm done.

  24. So soon? Ok, well see ya later, Bob!

  25. What about the graphics?

  26. You spelled my name backwards.

    Bye Bye

  27. All the Jewish Commies pride themselves in hating the love of money that they have, essentially that makes them Christians.

  28. That's what I come here for, though you could use a few more tits and ass.

  29. That's what I come here for, though you could use a few more tits and ass. ;)

  30. Is that all you are worried about , graphics? That picture with flames has an effect like the picture of Jesus
    that looks right at you from every angle.

  31. I thought the premise was no revealing of identity. Now I will probably have an upside down cross burned
    on my front lawn here in Arizona. The Mormons will really get upset and you will have to explain to them
    that the book of mormon is hogwash anyway since it was written in KJ English during the 1850s when
    no one spoke that way.

  32. What premise?

  33. Yes, clearly all I'm worried about is graphics, just as it's clear my graphics inspiration is Jesus.

    I think that AZ sun has baked your brain, but at least it's a dry stupid. ;)

  34. I notice in their link to what FFRF really stands for, IGWTU doesn't link to the actual FFRF site, but to some corner of their own site, so they can cherry-pick and place out of context the things that sound the most, ahem, unpatriotic. Clever. . . .

    In the way some monkeys fling their poop around to express displeasure is clever.

    ". . . If she had a problem with what I said, I'd be happy to apologize to her."

    Yeah, because the girl in the hijab was the one with the problem. And there's nothing like a lame ass "I'm sorry you're offended"–as opposed to "I'm sorry that I said/did something offensive"–to make everything all better.

    Besides which, instead of confronting the student with any problem she may have had, Camo-girl should have gone to a teacher or guidance counselor, or someone who handles conflict resolution in the school. But that would've made sense, and been the correct, smart thing to do.

    This girl's a freaking idiot and a bully, just looking for a target.

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