8 + 2 = ?


I find myself really fighting an uphill battle trying to argue for the advancement of critical thinking in this country. Most of the time I rant about religion because it not only thumbs its nose at critical thinking, but often actively works to thwart it. Now I could go on about correct logic, argumentation, educating yourself correctly on issues and even improper English skills, but if even basic Sesame Street level math skills aren’t commonplace, what the hell?

Yesterday I was exceptionally hungry and went to Taco Bell for their Grande meal, which is your pick of how many tacos and burritos you want, as long as they total ten. For instance, 5 tacos and 5 burritos equals 10. Anyway, here’s my drive thru exchange:

Taco Bell chick: Hello?
Me: Yes, I…
Taco Bell chick: Hello?!!
Taco Bell chick: Can I take your order?
Me: Yeah, I want a Grande meal with 8 crunchy tacos and 2 burritos
Taco Bell chick: That’s too many
Me: (Thinking there’s some sort of limit on how much of any one you can have) I can’t have that many tacos?
Taco Bell chick: It has to add up to 10.

(Pause as the realization of what was just said wafts over me)

Me: Yeah, 8 crunchy tacos and 2 burritos. 8 plus 2 is 10!

(Pause as who knows what goes on in there)

Taco Bell chick: That’ll be $8.90
Me: Ok, thanks!

And yeah, that’s a lot of food for one human but I’m large, those things are nowhere near as large as in the photos, and the dog helped with the last taco.

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33 Responses to “8 + 2 = ?”

  1. Maybe she just misheard you. From the previous exchange, the communication system appears subpar.

  2. That's certainly a nice thought, but then why didn't she ask again? Knowing that the mic may be faulty and hearing numbers you think total more than 10, wouldn't you ask to hear the numbers again? How can you be sure enough to say "that's too many?"

  3. nal may have a point – the speaker systems at many drive-thrus are terrible. The order confirmation screens that some drive-thrus have are pretty handy and can save some squabbling when one picks up the order and pays. Still, I always figure out what the total cost should be before paying and count the change before moving along.

  4. Maybe you didn't (don't) speak distinctly and she didn't want to embarrass you by asking you to repeat yourself.

  5. Very nice.

  6. That is one thing I truly appreciate about In-N-Out Burger. There are about 5 in this area, and they all have non-crackly speaker systems, and the kids working the other end of the system invariably speak clearly and (for lack of a better word) politely. They can be understood, and you don't get a lot of "Uh, what?"

    I don't ever order sodas, and was greatly surprised at our Taco Bell when the worker at the drive-up tried to hand me 3 Mr.Pibbs, insisting, "You ordered Mr. Pibb! You pay for Mr. Pibb! I'm tired of you kids ordering and then changing your mind!"
    A.) I'm 55, so how am I a kid? 2.) Was there an invisible car in between me and the one in front that placed this order? I never got the Nachos I did order. I haven't been back there.

  7. You can't get Mr. Pibb outside of Jesusland, I don't think.

  8. Ummm. In-N-Out. Boy, do I miss them.

  9. I didn't realize you could add tacos and burritos, but thanks pointing it out. A clear case of the munchies, yo-quito-taco-bell, eh PhillyChief?

  10. I'm not a fan of fast food, but the ones I will on occasion visit are Taco Bell and Arby's. The king is Sonic, but there are none around me and I've only seen one twice while on the road in the Midwest (and it's totally not cool that I'm subjected to their commercials everyday yet none are nearby).

    I generally prefer making my own food, so going out for food, unless if it's a high end joint, is strictly a spur of the moment thing unless it's something I can't (or won't) make myself. In this case, it was spur of the moment, because I make better tacos (as does most everyone because Taco Bell is pretty crappy).

  11. I find myself really fighting an uphill battle trying to argue for the advancement of critical thinking in this country.

    You and me both, Chief, you and me both..

  12. Now fix your blockquotes.

  13. Chessnuts!

  14. That's funny! Here in L.A. I never see Mr. Pibb. But drive out to San Bernardino or Riverside and you'll find it. I suppose you can guess what I'm saying about those cities. :)

  15. @QF – I had to work for it, but it was worth it! FLOL!

  16. I thought In-and-out was what they did in "A Clockwork Orange"?

  17. My wife used to love In n' Out until I told her how they print Bible citations on their packaging. That was the end of that. Neither one of us will support places that push religion, no matter how subtly.

  18. All miracle are flying house.

  19. MMMMMM, bean and cheese burritos

  20. Philly, there is one in Wilkes-Barre. I have no idea what they will do when the 8 months of gloom sets in.

  21. A few years ago, I was travelling from Boise to Baker City (thence to Halfway), Oregon to a forest fire (Oh, shit. Another fire story. Not to worry, this one is short.). I stopped off at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast (I had flown in the night before). I had country ham, hash browns, grits, and scrambled eggs. The total came to (I think) $8.51. I handed the clerk a ten and a penny. She looked at me, looked at the money, and looked at me again. She handed me the penny back and said, "It's fifty-one cents." I replied that I knew that, but I'd rather have the two quarters than the forty-nine cents in smaller coin.

    She looked rather confused, took the penny back, and rang in $11.51 and quickly handed me $2.00 in change. Now I was thoroughly confused. But, I figured I had a long drive ahead of me, so I added the extra to the tip and left quietly. I still can't figure out the math involved. But, then again, I majored in history, so what do I know about math?

  22. I doubt I could have been so complacent

  23. Yeah, there's plenty of it out here. I can't stand the taste of it, but it seems to be in most fast food places.

  24. Hmmm, what did you pay her with (((billy))), cash or credit?

  25. I don't think I've ever seen an In n' Out. Where are they located?

  26. It's a good thing he didn't try to write a check. :)

  27. It's a good thing he didn't try to write a check. :)

  28. alucoumpmep

  29. You fed your dog Taco Smell? I call animal cruelty!

    But I don't understand the drive-thru person's confusion. The buttons all have pictures of food on them. If someone wants eight tacos, hit the taco button eight times. If they then want two burritos, hit that button twice. The computer does the adding. It prints the receipt. Everyone is happy.

    Or maybe you have to push the food button and a separate number button, but either way. Computer adds, prints receipt, and everyone goes away happy.

    I think she was just trying to make drama. Or maybe I just hope that, so I don't have to believe someone who handles food is that stupid.

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