God is not American

An age old marketing goal is to make your product a necessity, and one way to achieve that is to glom on to a pre-existing product in some way. I’m not talking about making plugins for a major software application, creating apps and accessories for iPhones, or even making bed liners and other items for [...]

8 + 2 = ?

I find myself really fighting an uphill battle trying to argue for the advancement of critical thinking in this country. Most of the time I rant about religion because it not only thumbs its nose at critical thinking, but often actively works to thwart it. Now I could go on about correct logic, argumentation, educating [...]

Contrasting Gates and Dylan

Here’s a very interesting contrast, the Professor Gates story and the Bob Dylan story. Both men were reported as suspicious looking. Both men were in neighborhoods where they were a minority. Both men were then confronted by police, but then things got markedly different from there. The police, when first confronting Gates, asked for identification [...]

Hey, I’m just like Brad Pitt

It seems that aside from being clever atheists who have hot wives, Brad Pitt and I have more in common than I had imagined. In response to the questions of his running for mayor of New Orleans on the Today show, he revealed the even greater similarities… “I’m running on the gay marriage, no religion, [...]

A question often asked by the religious to atheists is, “what keeps you from just going around killing people?” To which the snarky reply is usually, “so are you saying that your religion is the only thing keeping you from killing people?” What I fear is that question is actually not that snarky, but actually [...]