Nude Nymph a No-No in Alabama

How does Christianity harm? Well here’s one way, a vineyard can’t sell its wine in Alabama because the label is considered pornographic. That’s right, the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board finds the “gorgeous piece of work” which is the label for Cycles Gladiator wine in violation of its prohibition on labels with “a person posed [...]

That’s what I’d like to know after reading this story alleging that John Travolta is too scared to officially quit Scientology for fears that the church will release all his embarrassing secrets (that they know of). “Scientology keeps files on its celebrity members containing embarrassing personal information about them, and Scientology has proven in the [...]

Racism and the Prof. Gates story

I’ve pretty much ignored the whole Prof. Gates racism story until now after reading a post on the subject by The Chaplain here, which has links to several other sources on this news story. I think, perhaps, liberal sensibilities can possibly add to the continuation of racism due to their ability to blind someone to [...]

Again with churches’ tax exemptions

Last year, a clever mansion owner in Chicago tried to get out of paying the $80,000 in property taxes he owed by claiming his estate was actually a church, therefore exempt from property taxes. He got his exemption, temporarily, until the matter was investigated but now Illinois has decided his mansion doesn’t qualify as a [...]

Civility, what is it good for?

First, this comment from Patrick Appel concerning civility and atheists needs to be read for I think it’s quite an excellent response. I don’t have much to add to that, but I do want to talk about civility, or the alleged lack thereof, and on what grounds should we judge it’s effectiveness. There’s a lot [...]