I came across a couple of postings today. The first was this which is a response to the second (link in the response). To cut to the chase, the original was a sermon invoking one of the favorite characters in sermons, the atheist friend, and the response was a further attack on this fictional character [...]

Lakers defeat Magic, and God

This is just a follow up to this story, a followup you will no doubt not find anywhere else, because crazy religious bullshit is never called out in the media, especially when it involves celebrities. At the start of this month, Dwight Howard confidently declared his team, the Magic, would win the NBA championship because [...]

I caught something today on VJack’s blog, the issue of how to respond to the question, “do you believe in god(s)?” I find the awkwardness for atheists trying to respond to this question one of semantics, due to how you define “belief”. If you find claims for the existence of gods unwarranted to accept, then [...]

So I have a question for any religionist whose religion has a holy book – how much of it does one have to read in order to make a qualified assessment of it? Seems like a really silly question at first, right? These are supposed to be “good books”, inspired by immense wisdom, possibly divine [...]

A recent commentor has suggested that there is no hell since for nonbelievers (or those who just sin), there simply is no afterlife, that an afterlife is a reward for belief and obeying. So in light of this idea, I have the first of my questions: If there’s something you’d like to do which would [...]