When you’re around me long enough

Mrs. Chief used to be a very quiet, soft spoken, amicable, keep things bottled up type. After being around me long enough, here’s what happens….

She’s in a studio with a mixed crowd of students and adults when a student walks in and announces, “Michael Jackson is dead.” Without skipping a beat, she just casually blurts out, “well that’s one less pedophile.” Apparently it took a few moments before she noticed the room had gotten still and silent, and all eyes were on her. “What?” was her response.

I don’t know if it’s possible to affect people with just a blog, or if you need to be in my presence to be transformed, but you’ve now been warned, so keep visiting and reading at your own risk.

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19 Responses to “When you’re around me long enough”

  1. That was pretty much my response when I heard that sicko was dead. The world is a better place without him, his death was long overdue and I won't shed a tear whatsoever that the child molester is dead.

    Should anyone?

  2. Is influencing your wife to pronounce judgment on others really something to blog about?

  3. That's not really the average opinion that I've seen, at least not audibly or in writing. Anyhow, there is the mid to high probability that it is the case that Micheal Jackson was a pedophile. Anyhow, I learned by watching Fox News that there is a large amount of uncertainty involved with that guy in terms of skin color, sexual preference, health status, plastic surgery operations, and whether he's the reincarnation of Elvis.

  4. To me, the certainty of guilt of Michael Jackson was in no way comparable to, say, the guilt of OJ Simpson. I agree with what QF just said, that there is a mid to high probability of guilt, but that's not something I'm willing to crucify someone on.

    There is also a mid to high probability that the man really did have a child-like mind and preferred the company of children (overall) to that of adults. And I recognize that even if this is true, he could still have committed crimes.

    Whether he was guilty or completely innocent – he was crucified in the media. If he *was* innocent, then this was one of the worst press crucifixions of all time. And that would be sad. We'll never know.

    I wasn't a fan, but I recognize he did a lot of good in terms of entertaining people and charitable causes. It's the duality, stupid. (shrugs)

  5. The only thing Jackson was guilty of was being stupid. He let his love of children lead him to do dumb things. He was also living his lost childhood vicariously through them.

    He was a genius in his own right, and a talented performer. John's right, the media (and the public) are the biggest fools in all of this.

    Now… someone attack me on this, why dont'cha? Let's see how much "Brother Sam's" advice sank in!

    (See, John? No names!)


  6. One certain thing is that Micheal Jackson was less of a pedophile than most of the higher ranking officials in the Catholic Church, assuming he even was one at all.

  7. Settling a child sex case out of court is a curious thing to do if you're innocent, and what about the Jesus Juice?

    Did you read Chopra jr.'s article about him? What a freak. Anyway, here's my gripe with everyone coming out of the woodwork now telling nice stories about him in an attempt to show off how they were close friends – where were you and what was your response to each and every crazy fucking thing he did? Did you break his balls over all the cosmetic surgery? How about the baby dangling? The private time with the kids? A real friend would have tried to set him straight on that shit, but I'm willing to bet the Chopras and the rest of the glommers didn't say shit.

    And how long before I can turn my tv on again and not see Jackson shit? Another week maybe? A month?

    Btw, I only liked Jackson because he provided great material for Weird Al.

  8. That diddling of kids thing Jackson probably did, I think the $20 million settlement easily made up for it, it's a lot more than what the Pope would have done which is to simply move a preist to a different location. I think the Catholic Church should have to pay that fine every time a kid gets diddled by a preist.

  9. John Evo,

    Nice second paragraph. Very rational (I'm being genuine).

  10. The problem with being a perpetual douche is if you ever happen to attempt honesty, you have to attach a special annotation. Of course, why should one accept the annotation as legit if you're a perpetual douche?

  11. Well, Gideon, you might be surprised to find your best hell-bound friend is going to be the first to bust your balls – a little.

    You said, "The only thing Jackson was guilty of was being stupid. He let his love of children lead him to do dumb things. He was also living his lost childhood vicariously through them."

    What the fuck, Gid? Are you a swami now? Or did you learn all of these facts from revelation? I think I'm safe in saying you were never in a bedroom with Mike and a kid – let alone *every time* he was.

    At least those of us who *somewhat* defended Jackson, did so with qualifiers.

    I'm every bit as disdainful of fans who *absolutely* accept his word as I am the media for crucifying him without having the facts.

    Then again, I don't have the pipeline to god that you do. I'm sure its comforting to always be certain – but it's not very reality based.

  12. I think Gideon is onto a truth that kind of covers a lot of people like that, and it's at least two-pronged.

    No one ever taught the guy (like a lot of others) how to actually be an adult or that it was in his interest to exercise self control.

    Here in the You Ess of Aye it seems that after a certain point of achieving money and fame you are no longer required to act sane.

  13. Sarge – it *used* to be true. Now, you don't need the money and fame.

  14. John, true enough, I wasn't with the guy everywhere he went… and neither were you.

    As for being certain, I'm as certain as I need to be. Yours or my life doesn't depend on it.

    I'll go with what Sarge sez on this.

  15. At best, assuming he wasn't a pedophile, I don't care that he died because I didn't particularly like his music. At worst, assuming he was a pedophile, simple death was too good for him.
    I do have to agree with the chief though, Weird Al's "Even Worse" album was a great take off of "Bad."

  16. (((Wife))) reacted in almost exactly the same way.

    He was, definately, a perfect example of what child abuse, almost unlimited wealth, and not becoming an adult can produce. No question, he had talent (not my cup of tea, but even if I don't like something, I can appreciate the ability).

    The problem (as I see it) comes when we try the equation talent = good person, or the guy was a freak = no talent. Both the good and the bad were part of who he was.

    Interesting that someone who was never forced to accept anything beyond financial responsibility for any of his mistakes failed to grow up. Sounds almost like a former President. Or is that stretching it?

  17. Yes, because that former President never had any financial responsibilities. Daddy always bailed him out

  18. A friend of mine suggested that Jackson's death may do wonders for his career, much as Elvis' and John Lennon's deaths did for theirs.

  19. Oh no doubt. I wonder who'll be cashing those checks?

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