Brother Sam’s Rules of Engagement

This guy is a riot. I can’t help but sympathize with a lot of it. There’s more on his site and as you can see, he’s going to be at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia in a few weeks.

“Calling someone on their language is a chicken shit little power play which is really about imposing your rules on the other fella and about putting them on the defensive. No. I’d rather go out and find an adult to argue with, and the ‘FUCK YOU’ on the way out is optional. I try to be sensitive to the situation.”

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14 Responses to “Brother Sam’s Rules of Engagement”

  1. I debate people so I can figure out what they believe and then rip on them for believing it if I disagree.

  2. Nine rules – one short of an Atheist Decalogue. Of course, 9 is a pretty cool number – three 3s – sort of an unholy trinity of trinities.

  3. Yes, we certainly run into people who this applies to. It's pretty frequent on YouTube. Perhaps even more so here.

  4. I wouldn't call what you do debating, Quiff, unless you were to put 'mas' in front of it.

    John, I imagine you do run into a lot of people like Brother Sumbitch describes… like the entire infidel roster, here, at YMMSI!

    Maybe it's time to expand your horizons, eh?

  5. Brother Sumbitch dresses like a faggot… talks like one, too.

    Looks and debates as well as the guy on the left!

  6. Gideon praises the Gay Zombie that walks erect on water and invites other fisherMEN to love him.

  7. By the way, fishermen are the gayest people Gideon, gayer than pirates. That is why Jesus hung out with 12 of them.

  8. Speaking of zombies, this looks good.

    I'm finding myself drifting more to this Brother Sam character in light of some of the idiots I find on forums, other blogs and here in my own comments sections. Not only don't I find it worth responding to a lot of morons, their very presence sucks the life out of the activity. It's 'you made me say it' vs. 'you made me not want to bother anymore'.

  9. My apologies Philly.

  10. I don't have a problem with you, QF

  11. QF said, "I debate people so I can figure out what they believe and then rip on them for believing it if I disagree."

    Makes perfect sense that you're at Philly's, then. That's his MO!

    Philly lamented, "It's 'you made me say it' vs. 'you made me not want to bother anymore'."

    Aww… don't cry. We can always try the respectable route, you know. I'd love to actually get serious here. We could even talk about why we have problems with each other. It would be like one big psychoanalytical experiment.

  12. Good video. I actually agree with Brother Sam's 9 rules. I think those rules would benefit anyone who applied them whether they be Atheists, Theists, or whoever.

    And for the record, Zombieland looks like a good movie.

  13. Well, anyhow, I've broken at least a few of Brother Sam's Rules of Engagement….perhaps, in that manner I was setting a bad example.

  14. Chief, you've been called out to have decent discussions many times, but, you have a fucking chip on your shoulder. Now, you want to get civilized? Hey… control your dogs, here, and they won't get their asses kicked!

    Like cl says, it's up to you, compadre.

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