The Holy Land Experience is a church?

Check it out. The Holy Land Experience theme park is a church and as such, receives a healthy property tax exemption. The only catch is they have to offer free admission just one day a year. Pretty sweet deal, right? Well it seems not sweet enough for the Trinity Broadcast Network which owns the park [...]

When you’re around me long enough

Mrs. Chief used to be a very quiet, soft spoken, amicable, keep things bottled up type. After being around me long enough, here’s what happens…. She’s in a studio with a mixed crowd of students and adults when a student walks in and announces, “Michael Jackson is dead.” Without skipping a beat, she just casually [...]

Brother Sam’s Rules of Engagement

This guy is a riot. I can’t help but sympathize with a lot of it. There’s more on his site and as you can see, he’s going to be at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia in a few weeks. “Calling someone on their language is a chicken shit little power play which is really about [...]

"Experts" and experts are not comparable

The “invisible powers” offered to man today are not angels and demons, but obscure material forces. These are the forces that make him contented or depressed, form his character, and direct his life without him knowing it. In place of the priests of old, we have “experts” who dispense therapy and pills to relieve his [...]

Attempting to merge two crappy tastes

Communism, the infamous party of atheism (according to most anti-atheist Christians) and religion, the infamous opium of the masses, now might be linking up in a foul tasting antithesis to the wonderful marriage of chocolate and peanut butter. Thats’ right, The Communist Party USA is looking into how to partner up with religion. Is nothing [...]