Cheaply earned miracle

So here’s what may pass for a miracle these days, a family prayed to the founder of an order of nuns when their unborn child was diagnosed with a genetic abnormality. When the kid was born, there was no sign of the abnormality. Nah, I’m just kidding, it was still there, but not to “the [...]

Alleged prayer killer gets dose of irony

Yesterday, the case against the mother of poor Madeline Neumann finally got underway, but only 20 minutes in and they had to recess because mom of the year Leilani Neumann required medical care. Let that sink in for a moment. The woman who is charged with killing her daughter because she decided to pray for [...]

Newsflash: prayer still pointless

Prayer helps no one but the one praying, providing a euphoria and calming effect, which could be comparable to ejaculating. That line seemed to trouble someone recently. How could I know prayer doesn’t work? How could anyone know this to be true? Well I think we can start by reviewing everyone who refused medical treatment [...]

National Day of Religious Freedom

I found a pretty decent article today, pointing out one of the problems of the National Day of Prayer is that its “government-sponsored evangelism” and decidedly Christian. What the author fails to recognize is that being Christian-centric is not the primary problem. The primary problem is having a NDP at all. If we are to [...]

Thank no god!

Driving home late last night on 476, I narrowly avoided hitting a deer. I’m guessing that with the lack of lights and traffic then, and the highway surrounded by woods, the deer frolicked along and suddenly found itself in a big, open area with an usual surface under its hoofs. “What the hell?” might have [...]