I bet that headline got your attention. So what am I talking about? Well first, that atheist is me. Second, I’m talking only about this case where the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the city of Detroit did not violate the establishment clause when they handed three churches money to fix up [...]

Quite an entertaining tale from the Manchester Faith & Culture Examiner. She relates a tale about how a cracker and wine at a remote Italian church nearly 40 years ago actually turned into flesh and blood (I guess all you other Catholics who went to mass for years never seeing such a thing just weren’t [...]

Atheism necessitating nihilism

The Dallas Atheist Examiner is addressing some email questions she’s getting from believers and recently addressed nihilism, specifically the issue of atheism necessitating nihilism. I felt compelled to add something to the discussion… Nihilism isn’t the conclusion of atheism because THERE IS NO CONCLUSION OF ATHEISM. Atheism is the conclusion, reached by individuals after considering [...]

Confusing faith, reason, and more

I’ve been having an interesting exchange with a woman online who I’ll simply refer to as CC. CC seems to have some confusions over faith, reason, and burden of proof. Below is a recent reply of mine to her. This is the last time I will type the SAME DAMN THING. If you can’t get [...]

I tried submitting this letter to the editor but the form refused it. Anyone is welcomed to try doing it for me or submitting your own to respond to Mr. Campbell…. I’m writing in response to this letter you published by Mr. Campbell. I found that it contains both inaccuracies and makes implications which are [...]