Response to crazy ol’ Christian coot

I came across this nonsense yesterday from OpEdNews. Unfortunately they make you jump through hoops in order to comment, so I’ll just do it here. “It was just generally accepted that our founders were Christian and that it was the Christian influence that gave rise to our principles and institutions.” No doubt it was. A [...]

Top 50 Atheists?

Have you seen this? First off, these things are generally stupid to begin with. Any sort of top 50 anything just has this grating, Casey Kasem cheese factor sound to it. Also, it feels like I’m back in high school and people are carving their favorite band “rulez” in their desks (hey, I went to [...]

No Exemptions

It seems Republican state senators in Iowa are trying to get County Recorders to not issue same-sex marriage licenses. They’re trying to craft some religious exemption for those whose religion preaches to subjugate gays and offering all sorts of excuses for not complying with the law. Calls are being put out to Recorders to try [...]

They’re out of control

So we have 5th graders facing jail time for accessing porn on library computers and showing it to their classmates. We also have underage kids facing jail time and being forever labeled as sex offenders for sending racy pictures of themselves to their friends over the internet. Corruption of minors, indecent exposure and of course [...]


In case you haven’t heard, some guy who was completely nutters, who posted truly nutty videos on YouTube as Tony48219 denouncing atheists, evolution and so on, killed himself and some girl who was a fellow student at Henry Ford Community College. Now it’s very easy to jump all over this and exploit it as some [...]