Crazy Creationist talking points

I found another example of stupid from South Dakota State University. Bernie seems to have an issue with a professor, but that’s not what bothers me. What bothers me is his silly Creationist catch phrases and other nonsense. I just couldn’t get to sleep before responding, so I left this comment… I’m curious about this [...]

Jesus no protection from swine flu

Don’t come to church if you’re feeling ill. That’s the advice from the Catholic Diocese of Dallas. “If you are not feeling well, especially during this time of concern, please stay at home and do not risk spreading infection to others,” said the Rev. Michael Dugan, the diocese’s director of the Office of Liturgy That’s [...]

Ever here of David Sanford? Me neither. It seems he’s an author or something. Anyway, he posted this today which is quite silly and awfully sad. It seems Davey grew up in a real life atheist family caricature. They were dogmatic believers in there not being gods, saw atheism as a no rules/ don’t obey [...]

Researchers researching atheism

From Boston today (by way of Ric), I see there’s “research” on the relative health of believers and nonbelievers. I’m not going to focus on the results however, but instead discuss two lines which pissed me off. • “the most pious Christians and the convinced atheists” • “becoming debilitated strengthened [atheist's] convictions, and their convictions [...]

Can you teach the bible and not preach the bible? Well the Wood County Board of Education in West Virginia voted 5 to 0 that you can. What they approved was an elective class to study the Christian bible as literature and history. Alright, I have a number of objections to this. First, history? Not [...]