Just the facts, sir.

I found this gem from the opinion section of the University of Idaho’s paper. What is it with college papers these days? Anyway, this spud is found in a lot in theist arguments, the assertion that removal of god and religion is equivalent to championing atheism. They use it to suggest removal of directed prayer [...]

So much for Harvard’s standards

I found this nonsense today in of all places, the online edition of the Harvard Crimson. Harvard! Aren’t they supposed to be smart over there? Isn’t that school supposed to be esteemed for the education it can provide? After all, they do charge a premium for that education. Well I think Nafees should demand a [...]

“This is not instant coffee as you know it” claims Starbucks. No? Let’s see, do you just add hot water and instantly have coffee? Yes? THEN IT’S FUCKING INSTANT COFFEE AS EVERYONE ON THE PLANET KNOWS IT. Whether you like Starbucks or not (they score a “meh” with me), you have to acknowledge that they [...]

Two Things Religion Could Do Better

I just saw this post by Rabbi Ben Kamin listing 10 things religion can do better. Well guess what? There’s really only two things religion or religious people need to do: • Don’t impose beliefs on others • Don’t exploit beliefs to get what you want That’s it. Pretty simple, huh? To all the world’s [...]

Mr. Crackers and his roommate

So here’s one. Some guy attacked his roommate with an aluminum bat until that apparently wasn’t getting the job done, and then got a gun and shot him three times. Why? God told him to. In fact, even all that wasn’t enough for god, and he went to go get some gasoline, perhaps to torch [...]