Today’s Douche – Jerry Jackson

Today’s douche is one Jerry Jackson, author of this crap which is a mix of right wing and religious right talking points. According to Jerry, the nation is going to hell thanks to secular progressives (prophesied by the wise one, Bill O’Reilly), and oh btw, secular progressive is code for atheists, who are inherently evil. [...]

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I just find this story hilarious. A Brown student transfered to Liberty U for a semester for covert recon on the Christians, and part of that took him on Spring Break in Daytona Beach, FL to try and convert those in the hold of Satan. LOL! What’s the playbook these Christians use? Why Ray Comfie-Cozy [...]

A Simpleton Argues Against Atheism

Again from, but this time from a Muslim. Nice to know that regardless of the brand, religious arguments are intellectually vapid and their presenters are laughable. So first, let me address Khan’s post… I think I’m beginning to understand the point of writing for the Examiner. You make false assertions, insult, and otherwise provoke [...]

There’s this ridiculous old coot on who writes the craziest shit which gets under my skin. It’s the usual self righteous, privileged Christian crap swimming in a gravy of ignorance, but sometimes it bothers me more than others. A great example is when the Constitution is misunderstood, and when you mix in incorrect history, [...]

Debaptism? Really?

Is this really necessary? Debaptism for atheists? Is the answer to silly nonsense more silly nonsense? Really? I think this is the second stupidest thing I’ve heard from atheists so far, second only to those atheists who say they believe in a god (try cracking open a dictionary some time, you jackasses). So you can [...]