A good use for religion

Well it seems religion is good for something. It puts you above the law. Yeah, that means you can probably get away with killing your kids, but on the positive side, it means you can indulge in hallucinogenic drugs which would otherwise be illegal, and possession, importing and distributing those drugs, which would otherwise put you in jail for decades along side murderers, rapists, and other fun folk, is a-ok. That’s the latest ruling in Oregon. Some church makes a tea blend called ayahuasca which is loaded with DMT goodness which causes hallucinations. You or I can’t have the privilege, legally, to experience such hallucinations in the US, but members of one church can.

The Church of the Holy Light of the Queen isn’t just some whacko cult, they’re Christian, so no doubt that helped grease the wheels of justice for them. You see, they claim, “only by taking the tea can a Church member have a direct experience with Jesus Christ, believed by members of the Church to be a savior.” Now if the hallucinogen were to see Wakan Tanka, Allah, or maybe Satan, chances are the ruling would have gone a bit differently.

So there ya go, a good use for religion. Become a member of this church and you can trip your face off, legally. FABULOUS!

In related news, Dead Heads are allegedly considering filing for religious status.

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17 Responses to “A good use for religion”

  1. I believe that the Native American Church uses peyote (about 3% mescaline) ceremonially. It is not a Christian church, nor is it exceedingly ancient — it dates back to the 1890s. I guess the Christians were being discriminated against because they weren’t allowed to use hallucinogenic drugs, too.

  2. Excellent point. To not allow Christians their ceremonial high would be more Christian persecution, no? Maybe the Catholics should start putting DMT into their crackers.

    Either something is good or its not. You can’t say it isn’t, except when it’s tied to religion, then it’s ok. That’s bullshit. Do drugs, kill or endanger your kids, bad, bad, bad, UNLESS…

    The criminalization of drugs is such bullshit, and things like this really expose it as such. Incidentally, this video debate between Ron Paul and Stephen Baldwin over legalizing marijuana is quite entertaining.

  3. This double standard is de rigeur for Christians. Abortion is murder unless (insert exception here). Alcohol is bad, except (insert exception here). Sex is bad (insert something here). The Bible is always right (except when it isn’t (but then it is an allegory, so it is still right)).

  4. Aren’t various Indian tribes allowed leeway for peyote rituals and Rastafarians allowed to smoke pot?

    Anyhow, just think about the story of the spider that spun it’s web on various drugs, poor thing probably didn’t catch any flies or perhaps had the web break upon fly impact….Drugged Spiders at Work, Caffien Web has an interesting explanation but they didn’t show the actual pictures for some reason. I don’t really know the story of the spider on LSD, looks like maybe it hallucinated a finished project and then went onto something else.

  5. The Pink Elephants effect of Alcohol…. I just uploaded that one to photobucket because I thought it was rather amusing.

  6. I’ll keep a look out for that beer, then later, pink elephants.

    Personally, I’d like to know what you need to be “smokin’ and drinkin’” to actually see a fairie wearing boots dancing with a dwarf, but then, son, that might be going to far.

  7. Ozzie is GOD! You can never go too far when you are worshiping on Black Sabbath.

    You might be making the right argument here. Do you suppose any civil rights lawyers have approached the legalization argument from your standpoint -

    “we agree, your honor, that all of these various religious sects should be able to use their drugs of choice. However, it then becomes a form a religious test if we say it is perfectly OK for them to use it, but not for anyone else. Either there is something intrinsically criminal about drug use, or there is not. Ask yourself this, your honor – if kidnapping were part of the religious ritual of a certain Christian group would you, or any other jurist, find it compatible with the Constitution? You would not. You would reason that it is a criminal action, whatever the pretext. But we don’t have that reaction to the information about religiously endorsed drug use. This would seem to be evidence that drug use, in and of itself, is not criminal.”

    Maybe its been tried. Anyone familiar with case histories on the legalization fight?

  8. If spiders can get their fix then humans should be able to as well.

  9. Trippin’ balls with Jeebus. . . .

    I think all religions should make drug use a part of devotion. Maybe it’d mellow them out, and, one could hope, make them impotent/sterile/too-busy-tripping-to-make-little-theists.

  10. Do they sell that tea at Safeway?

  11. I wish they did. I’m growing tired of peppermint.

  12. Hey, Geronimo! You wagon-burners use dope… so can we! Fair is fair! Pass the sweetgrass, will ya?

    Billy… it’s wrong to kill… even if there’s no moral law saying it’s wrong. It’s wrong to screw Geronimo’s wife on the side… even if there’s no moral law (as in God’s law) saying it’s wrong. It’s wrong to steal Sitting Bull’s land… even if there’s no Decalogue…

    How fucking dumb is that?

    Could you atheists please get that religion of yours straight, so we can still laugh at it?


  13. I think it’s fun to kill though, ask just about anybody who has ever done so and I think they will agree with me on that. It is such a rush, it’s liberating to know when your adversary is dead….oh, wait a second, we’re not talking about kangaroos and bears here? Well, I still say we come from a hunter-gatherer society that settled in the caves feeding on bison while the Neanderthals were still around. Is it any wonder that Western and Eastern Society has had so many global conquests for domination in the last few thousand years since the end of the last European Ice Age?

  14. I don’t see anything wrong with religious or non-religious being free to use hallucinogens, only that one group can and others can’t.

    I’m curious, since you seem to be asserting that morality can only come from a religion, could you cite where in your religion it instructs believers to be ignorant asses who must mock non-believers?

    Thanks a bunch!

  15. Rather interesting discussion with many valid points. I have actually been involved with such Church for over 18 years now and the first thing we need to get straight on this discussion is the meaning of the word hallucination. I experimented with many different drugs before and I can tell you that what you experience with ayahuasca is NOT hallucination. nobody sees anything that is not existing in the real world with their eyes opened. It's a truly religious experience in which it makes you see your shit! If you steal, figth with your mommy or feed your children shit, ayahuasca is going to throw that in your face and make you go puke. It's a deeply cleaning medicine that helps people of all walks of life. It has been legal in Brazil for more than 20 years and there are thousands of followers there. It is a very different religion because the experience of God doesn't come from the words of some priest or from some book that was written thousands of years ago but from your own inner wisdom and experiece of the divine. You should try it if you have the guts because it definitely is not for every one as it will certainly kick your butt if you are full of prejudice. You can read more here:Ayahuasca Medicine Retreats

  16. I believe I’ve made it perfectly clear that I would LOVE to try it, but it’s illegal here in the US, unless, of course, if you’re a member of this church now.

    Still, the idea that something which alters your mind is necessary for experiencing the supernatural should make you at least somewhat skeptical, no? If you’ve ever woken up next to someone who looked REMARKABLY different than they did when you went to bed with them the night before when you were intoxicated, you’d be skeptical of this “magical” tea.

    Also, maybe like your tea, alcohol has a funny way of helping you “see your shit”, too.

  17. I'm not into cults, but ayahuasca can be a great medium for change and transformation. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I don't think that people should kill each other either.

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