Today’s Douche – Jerry Jackson

Today’s douche is one Jerry Jackson, author of this crap which is a mix of right wing and religious right talking points. According to Jerry, the nation is going to hell thanks to secular progressives (prophesied by the wise one, Bill O’Reilly), and oh btw, secular progressive is code for atheists, who are inherently evil. His proof? Well it’s twofold. First, he equates Obama’s proposed decrease in the tax benefit gained from charitable donations as an attack on churches, and therefore his god, since, of course, churches are the only charitable organizations which exist, right? Next, he shows how these evildoers never give to charity since, you know, they’re evil atheists without morals, and how this contrasts to the philanthropy of such pillars of morality as Dick Cheney and W.

Cruise the cable news sites and you’ll hear about this reduction in tax benefits for charities and the bullshit from conservatives and the religious right that everything will go to hell because then people won’t give to charity and of course, not give to their churches. This is the latest line of attack, which Jerry just REALLY takes to an extreme, but let’s look at what’s being admitted in the arguments. First, that people’s willingness to give could be swayed by receiving less of a personal benefit to do so. THAT’S their high morality in action? THAT’S the result of their Christian influence? Wow. Second, clearly, churches have a vested interest in the success of the rich, not the poor, since their contributions, even if it’s a tiny percentage of their income, still is worth more than contributions from those with less income.

So Jerry seems to also be responding to a previous article which I have not read, but probably I should, since if he says it’s bad, it must be pretty good. I didn’t really lay into him in my comment that I left over there. Sometimes I think you don’t need to argue at all when someone’s facts are simply bullshit. All you really need to do is let the facts do the talking:

Talk about embarrassingly easy to go line by line and point out mistakes…

• Most of our Founding Fathers were secular progressives.

• Top income tax rates from 1913 – 2003 show Obama’s proposed 39% is well below the historical average, and well below the 50% rate during 6 of the 8 years of Reagan’s presidency (

• Rev. Barry Lynn is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, not an “infamous atheist”

• The Obamas gave $240,000 in charitable donations in 2007

• The Clintons gave approximately 10% of their income to charity in 2006

• Bush also gave 10% in 2006, not 15-20% as claimed

• Cheney’s charitable donations were a result of a Gift Administration Agreement from 2001 concerning stock options from Haliburton, whose value skyrocketed as a result of numerous no bid contracts awarded by the government for Iraq

• How much does Bill O’Reilly give to charity?

• Private prayer in school or anywhere is a protected right and has not and can not be taken away.

• It’s impossible to tell just how much of the revenue church’s gain from both tax exemption and donations actually go to charitable ends and not such things as self promotion, legal fees, property acquisition, commission of works like 60′ roadside crosses, and of course political lobbying.

As far as the claim that reducing the tax benefit for giving to religious organizations is an attack on churches, let’s remember the words of one of our Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin:

“When a religion is good, I conceive it will support itself; and when it does not support itself, and God does not take care to support it so that its professors are obligated to call for help of the civil power, it’s a sign, I apprehend, of its being a bad one.”

Btw, if you click his picture in his article, you get the image I have above. I couldn’t help but laugh at the footer – Photo by Jerry Jackson. I just thought to myself, this guy is such a douche, he has to photograph himself, since no one else would.

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8 Responses to “Today’s Douche – Jerry Jackson”

  1. I donate blood every 8 weeks too, and I’m an atheist :)

  2. QF:
    No way! Atheists never do anything nice. We’re completely selfish and immoral. It’s in the manual.

  3. Maybe I’m weird (maybe?) but taxes do not enter into my charitable contributions. At all levels, I feel undertaxed (I don’t like paying taxes, but my actual tax rate is way under what is needed to sustain our infrastructure) so I don’t even bother claiming my charitable contributions. I’m doing it becaue I want to, not because I think the government and/or taxes are evil.

    This asshat (actually, that should be plural: these asshats) assume that the only reason anyone gives to charity is to avoid paying taxes. What a sad, limited neocon view.

    Also, I take issue with the use of the word douche to describe this asshat: douches are occasionally useful, so, in my humble opinion, bad comparison.

  4. He’s a useful tool for showing the nonsense of the positions of conservatives and the religious right and cleaning them out, leaving our country clean and fresh like a Summer’s Eve.

  5. Point taken.

  6. I think a compromise is in order: this guy can be a douchehat. Or perhaps an assbag. . . .

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