Miracle tit every 2pm

Remember when I said religion is a tit? Well get a load of this. Hey, maybe it’s a miracle! Maybe that’s the virgin Mary’s tit. There must be some divine will behind this. Visible from the 200 block at precisely 2:00pm? I mean, come on now. What are the odds? This can’t be a coincidence. [...]

"I find that hard to believe"

Again today, belief.net. This is a followup to what I responded to yesterday, and again got me thinking about what’s truly at the heart of the “you were never a REAL” whatever responses to people who claim to have shared our position before but now don’t. What’s really at the heart of it is the [...]

We don’t need no stinkin’ zeros!

I just read an article at of all places, belief.net, entitled ‘I was never a real atheist’. It’s a little tale about the author’s experience being introduced to an atheist and in an attempt to make small talk I guess, said he used to be an atheist. The atheist naturally responded by telling him he [...]

A good use for religion

Well it seems religion is good for something. It puts you above the law. Yeah, that means you can probably get away with killing your kids, but on the positive side, it means you can indulge in hallucinogenic drugs which would otherwise be illegal, and possession, importing and distributing those drugs, which would otherwise put [...]

Intellectual honesty?

Yet another religious examiner makes a provocative post and yet again I respond. I recently had a talk with Ex about why it’s worth doing this. Certainly yes, anything I say to these people falls on deaf ears, yet although I address them, I’m not speaking just to them. We both agree that the majority [...]