Bigfoot Didit

I’m so tired of the “well how did we get here?”, “how do we have morals then?”, “how do we think?” and so on questions from Christians as if if you can’t answer, then their god must have and then BING! that means he exists. ugh. So sometimes it’s all about perspective, you know? Sometimes [...]

"Realistic Programming"

This posts marks two rare occurrences. The first being two posts within less than 24 hours. The second, posting another’s posting in its entirety. It’s so short, I feel I have no choice but to include it all and it’s so fucking outrageous I feel I also have no choice but to post it now: [...]

Ultimate Praying Championship

Taige from Poykpac emailed me and said they had a new video I had to see, and he was right. Enjoy:

Theist Trick: Not so Slick

I caught the recent Atheist Experience podcast (#592) and at the end they had on an apologist named Matt Slick. He tried to present his TAG argument, but time ran out. I’ve heard this guy before and he is an infuriating bastard. First of all, I can’t stand smug superiority, but I REALLY can’t stand [...]

I "sense" he wasn’t listening

I don’t want to beat up too much on this kid. He’s still in college and just writing for a college rag, so I shouldn’t have too high of expectations (hell, at his age I was merely doodling a cartoon strip for my college rag). Be that as it may, he still talks shit and [...]