Catholics say vote for secular candidates

I just find this amusing. The Catholics are urging the citizens of India to vote for secular candidates…

Be true to the letter and spirit of the preamble and the provisions of the constitution of India without any sectarian or party persuasion.

“Be true to the letter and spirit” of the constitution. Funny, I don’t remember such things being said here in America by Catholics or any other Christian group save a few. Gosh, I wonder why. Oh right, Christians are a major majority in the US, so ignoring the constitution here and instead voting on religious grounds to forward religious ideas is cool because then they’ll likely get their way, but in India where they’re a minority, well, that’s a different story. Oh yes, by all means urge the citizens to vote against their religious ideals then, since THOSE aren’t YOUR religious ideals.

I also find it amusing that they’re pushing for people to vote for secular candidates. Why them? They know all too well what happens when one religion is in charge, it generally makes life rough for the other religions, but secularists? Well they’re your best shot at a fair shake.

And they give the non-religious a hard time over moral relativism! LOL!

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9 Responses to “Catholics say vote for secular candidates”

  1. Nothing reeks as badly as hypocrisy.

  2. In light of the UN Anti-blasphemy Ban ….. Hehehe, good thing I’m an American where I can blaspheme whatever religion I want….I shall use my superpower only for good:

    Mohammad and Allah are deluded hallucinating sodomizing child molesters, and we as US Citizens have every good reason to blaspheme the shitty name of Islam. The Sunni-bitches and the Shits too. Oh, and Jesus and Moses are gay lovers on cloud 69 in Middle Heaven too, they like to have a 4-way fuckfest with Allah and Mohammid, they even let the camels get in on it too while Shiva and Buddha watch. Oh, and Satan likes to drink a 40 ouncer while cornholing Zues and Neptune.

  3. I don’t believe Zeus would give it up like that, but I can totally see Neptune doing so

  4. Is anyone really surprised by this? After all, it’s not like the Catholics aren’t massive hypocrites anyhow, they’ll scream freedom until someone suggests freedom from *THEM*, then they make an exception for themselves.

    This is nothing new. Just look at our pal Bill Donohue at the Catholic Loosers, I mean League. He’s about as bit a hypocrite as you can get.

  5. got to love the hypocrisy. :0

    pity they don’t try and convince democracies all over the world to vote secular, might make the planet that little bit more tolerant.

  6. In my previous post, I wrote a defence of blasphemy is anybody is interested.

  7. Wow, Quantum_Flux. That’s some of the awesomest blasphemy I’ve ever seen, though . . . I agree with Philly. I don’t think Zeus would give it up like that. Neptune totally would, being a water sign. He’s that needy for affection, and Satan’s a pastmaster at saying what people wanna hear.

    Allah and Mohammed only fuck each other because no one else will. Willingly, at least. The anal is just a fringe benefit.

    Jesus has a thang with Buddha (Buddha grows the best buddha, don’t you know, which only makes the sex better). Moses is a born-again virgin, or whatever regretful-sluts call themselves well after the fact.

    As for Shiva, he’s actually got this on-again/off-again with Kali. They fight, they fuck, they break up. She destroys the world, he recreates it–it’s really codependent, very David-Mattie “Moonlighting”, but it works.

    Heh, when I started reading the article, the first thing I thought was, “I didn’t even realize there were enough Catholics in India to warrant a bishop or press releases. But then I realized that was the point. Just like when the US was all shiny and new, and the Baptists and Evangelicals were for separation of church and state–because they knew they weren’t even close to the religious majority. That they’d get Constitutionally shafted if there was a merging of the two.

    The Catholics might not learn their lessons well, but they certainly learn everyone else’s. Cheeky monkeys.

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  9. In my previous post, I wrote a defence of blasphemy is anybody is interested.

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