The Face of Prayer = KA-CHING! $$$

I just caught wind of this, showing a prayer poster on display at a US Army recruitment site and I realized hey, there’s a market here, and I don’t just mean here in the US. Hell, with VERY little effort, I can modify a base design and have something I could sell all around the world, to any armed forces which rely on religion for recruiting.

And of course I could get even more mileage from the design template….

I have the Chaplain to thank for cluing me in on the recruitment poster.

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4 Responses to “The Face of Prayer = KA-CHING! $$$”

  1. You've come across a gold mine. Will I get a share of the profits?

  2. God damn!

  3. Nice. I hope that us wins instead of thems… :)

  4. Love the Star of David one, with the soldier wearing the tallit.

    Good graphic designer you are. Much money you will make.

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