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So there was a cute comment at BOH from someone called “Christian Apologist” (very catchy). You’ve all no doubt heard a variant of this 1000s of times, which usually makes people sort of numb to it and merely provokes an eyeroll. Not me. The fact that I’ve heard it yet again means it’s a zombie that’s still not dead, which provokes me to want to jump up and down on its skull until I can’t even hear a single crunchy sound anymore.

Christian Apologist: Isn’t it interesting to note that Stalin and Mao both denied the existence of God, and Hitler based a lot of his personal philosophy around Neitzche. All the atrocities commited by misguided christians pale in comparison to those of the three you mentioned above.

PhillyChief: Isn’t it interesting how Christians blindly assign the atrocities of Stalin and Mao on being atheists, when there’s nothing to connect the dots between atheism and their policies?

Isn’t it interesting how Christians try to also do this with Hitler, when Hitler wasn’t even an atheist, invoking god in most of his speeches?

Isn’t it interesting how Christians who know nothing about Nietzsche other than that he was an atheist lay Nazi atrocities at his feet (and therefore, at atheism’s feet)? Ever wonder how embarrassed they feel when it’s pointed out to them that Nietzsche’s sister rewrote her brother’s works, invoking it with rampant anti-semitism and German nationalism (two things he openly opposed and condemned in his work), and that it was this crap that Hitler took a liking to as a soldier in WWI (at which time it was handed out to soldiers, and might I remind you, the Kaiser’s reign was assuredly not atheistic) and later used for his Nazis? Perhaps we can ask ‘Christian Apologist’.

But as hard as it is to ignore such nonsense, let’s do so for a moment and simply take it at face value and examine what the argument is. It’s essentially ‘you think we’re bad, check them out’, which as far as promoting moral superiority, well, that’s really weak.

Ah, but CA did say “misguided christians”, which implies Christianity isn’t at fault, but rather then doesn’t that also mean that Christianity was powerless to prevent them from performing their evil? I think that’s perhaps more damning than ‘you think we’re bad, check them out’.

Proof of the last tidbit is CA him/herself, for despite Christian teachings of turn the other cheek and not to bear false witness, what do we have? A bitter lashing out at atheists and bearing false witness to do so.

Christian morality – nothing like it.

Ok, I have to admit that it especially irks me when people invoke Nietzsche and clearly don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, so that’s technically two zombies in one I’m stomping on.

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11 Responses to “Christian Apologist”

  1. We can point to the crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, the plantation slavery, KKK, NAZI concentration camps, neonazis, LK&LQ (numerous violent gangs at that), and many gay bashing fundies which are all Biblically based. Christians are masters claiming the religion of peace and then forming just about every western hate group (Muslims at least claim to be hateful while they're beating their wives).

  2. I’m not sure that CA knowingly bore false witness. It’s possible that he/she is just really ignorant and uninformed, and has simply picked up on something he/she read and thought was clever.

  3. Genocide is indeed awful. But sanctioned, institutionalized child-rape over fifteen-odd centuries is worse. Christianity can’t afford to cast stones atheism. Or point fingers, point out motes in eyes, or climb on high horses.

    “If you think we’re bad, check out the other guy,” is a cheap, lazy, cynical way to do business, when one’s business is the saving of souls.

  4. It is frustrating the level of education in regards to world history. If we can get it so wrong in regards to events that are under 100 years distant, you can only guess at the level of historical inaccuracy/ manipulation say… around the existance of a historical jesus.

  5. Whenever you get these accusations from Christians, feel free to point them to an article I wrote, which is probably the fullest treatment (and debunking) of the notion anywhere. Even Dinesh D’Souza felt he needed to respond to it, though completely inadequately, which demonstrates how poor their argument actually is.

  6. Thanks, Robert. I think it’s important to never forget your point “Communism is primarily anti-religious, not atheistic”, because a reoccurring argument made by the religious is anything which objects to religion is atheistic. Here in the US we see this a lot when they claim removing directed prayer in school or any such removal of religious impositions on public life as establishing or favoring atheism, which of course is bunk.

    I didn’t know Solzhenitsyn’s position was that Jews were to blame for the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917. That would have been interesting to bring up to this clown.

  7. Unfortunately, debating with people like this is ultimately pointless, not only are they, as Chappy points out, ignorant and uninformed, but they’re happy to remain that way. Most apologists who pull out the Hitler card don’t care that Hitler was a self-avowed Catholic, he couldn’t have been a Christian because they refuse to admit that Christians can act like that. No true Scotsman, anyone?

  8. It’s only ultimately pointless if you think entering the debate is to convince them they’re mistaken. It’s really not about them.

  9. Thom’s Point: Communism is primarily anti-religious, not atheistic”, because a reoccurring argument made by the religious is anything which objects to religion is atheistic.

    Well, then I shouldn’t mention the Russian and the Chinese National Churches then.

  10. There had been many great people in the history that we are never able to forget about for what they have done to the humanity. But at the end every person has to die for whatever reason.

  11. It's only ultimately pointless if you think entering the debate is to convince them they're mistaken. It's really not about them.

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