Hey, everybody remember Muddle, the lovable scamp who fancies himself a philosopher? Well it seems he’s not that accustomed to people calling him on his silliness, and my comments have gotten to him. They’ve gotten to him to the point where he concocted this new work to try and undermine two of my previous objections. In his cleverness, he does this by offering my objections as being knee-jerk, no thinking required retorts that any atheist can use to dismiss theists.

So now he’s gone from merely committing logical fallacies to outright deceit and trickery. Well, whatever gets the job done, right? So below you’ll see revealed what might be in the guidebook he checks before writing his articles, entitled The Village Theist’s Guide to Dismissing Criticism

“You always dismiss everything as god of the gaps”

What better way to dismiss legitimate god of the gaps objections than to paint atheists as always knee-jerkingly objecting to them as being god of the gaps objections? “But wait, this doesn’t prove my argument isn’t merely a g-o-t-g fallacy” you might say, and you’d be right, and that’s the beauty of it. You see instead, you paint the atheist as a non-thinking, reactionary person who casually dismisses claims as g-o-t-g and once you establish this characterization, then the atheist appears no longer credible, thus opening the door wide enough to drive a freight train full of fallacious arguments and unwarranted claims through without scrutiny. Never underestimate the value of character assassination.

“Takes one to know one”

This charming schoolyard retort, with a little sprucing up, can be made quite effective for the adult Village Theist. This is especially good for countering atheist objections based on psychology. Certainly we humans are driven to acquire knowledge to explain the as of yet unexplainable. The Village Theists have their god for this, for he is the answer for everything. Unfortunately, atheists can counter such claims to knowledge of god as mere wishing or “imagineering” to easily appease the thirst for answers with a creation of their imaginations.

To thwart this, accuse them of doing the same thing with naturalism. Now worry not,Village Theists, about how effective naturalism is at explaining the world, it’s successful track record at doing so, including erasing again and again countless supernatural explanations for the workings of the universe such as spontaneous generation, its discoveries making possible new discoveries and new fields of study, or even that there is no rival to it and that the fact that you yourselves rely on and benefit from it by way of advances in science and medicine everyday sorta sinks your battleship. No worries, for all you need to do is assert their reliance on naturalism is faith based.

Assert that their reliance on naturalism has nothing to do with the multitudes of warrants for relying on it (in fact, it’s probably best not to bring them up at all). Assert that even when evidence suggests otherwise (like how the odds against things being the way they are clearly point to the existence of god), they insist on naturalistic explanations. Assert that they think Village Theists are stupid for not choosing their faith instead and finally, assert as proof their reliance on naturalism is faith based by showing how they believe naturalism will one day answer everything which so far hasn’t been answered with naturalism. Oh, and if they object to the last assertion by saying you’re guilty of g-o-t-g, well, you already have a counter for that one now, don’t you? ;)

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  1. Muddle seems to believe that the best defense is to give offense.

  2. “Takes one to know one”
    Tu quoque. Falls under ad hominem. Both of which are listed in the Big Golden Pop-up Book of Arguing Poorly (now in paperback!).

  3. I think I’d prefer the hardback version. I’d want to protect the pop-up art.

  4. Yet another reason not to get a Kindle.

  5. LOL!

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