Watch out for "traps"

I don’t know what this Shayne Looper’s deal is, but this article annoyed me. It’s a plug for C.S. Lewis’ autobiography, but it’s the typical crap of portraying an atheist as simply someone who’s mad at god for a crappy life. Believe me, I understand that there are idiots like that out there, but (I hope) they’re nowhere near the majority. Anyway, here’s my response to Shayne’s loopy article…

The traps are of one’s own making. If you’re going to simply say you’re an atheist because the world isn’t nice and nice things don’t happen to you or the people you love, then guess what? You’re probably going to succumb to one of those “traps” eventually. Anger has a way of subsiding over time, and most only have so much stamina, so if your atheism is based solely on anger, well, it’s going to burn out eventually. It’ll certainly dissipate if, say, your life suddenly becomes quite nice and you gain some success and everything is happy and joyful, like how Mr. Lewis’ life became.

If, however, you’re an atheist because you rationally examine the question of whether there’s a god and see there’s nothing to warrant the belief, well, I would think you’re not going to fall victim to irrational, emotional “traps”. Facts don’t change because your mood changes, or with the ebbs and flows of joy and success in your life.

So if you’re an irrational person driven by emotion, beware: There are “traps” and “surprises” everywhere.

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8 Responses to “Watch out for "traps"”

  1. Love the Pitfall imagery. As for C.S. Lewis, I don’t understand why he is quoted at all as a form of apologetic. Lewis was a Mythologist by way of his education, that’s where he got the idea of promoting and believing myths. It always cracks me up when a non-scientist like C.S. Lewis is promoted as a counter-example or whatever to all the vast amounts of evidence to the contrary of intelligent design.

    The illreasoning goes as such:

    “C.S. Lewis was smart because he studied Mythology, C.S. Lewis converted from theism to atheism back to theism and wrote a book on it, ergo because C.S. Lewis was smart and believed in Mythology then that means that it must be true.”

    However, that far from suffices as evidence that Mythology is true, and it even less suffices as evidence for intelligent design or creationism, and certainly is not a shred of evidence against evolution. At best, it is an appeal to authority of an individual who believed in myths.

  2. I think it’s simply an appeal to authority. You know, this guy’s smart, probably smarter than you, so you should believe. It gets the added bonus of ‘here’s an atheist who saw the light, so you should listen up’. Actually the latter is served up a lot, but it usually takes a first person approach such as “I used to be an atheist just like you…”

    Anyway, I love how the jackass points out the traps as traps, first of all, but also that they’re traps by god and not what they really are, traps by believers to get you to believe their crazy shit, too.

  3. Lewis was a passably good writer, but Christians who appeal to what they perceive as his strong logic are really reaching. His logic was often flawed, to say the least. Moreover, some Christians tend to take Lewis’ fiction, analogies and speculations too literally. Then again, that’s an annoying habit of theirs, isn’t it?

  4. “here’s an atheist who saw the light, so you should listen up’.”

    That is exactly why he is an apologetic wet dream.

  5. For a Christian to offer him as some great story to sway atheists simply represents a complete lack of understanding of most atheists. It’s like when some men buy their wives appliances for their anniversaries. They just don’t get it.

  6. Of course, one should not neglect to mention the illreason of appealling to the authority of a Mythologist instead of a Scientist when talking about scientific matters too. That bit of bad ethos really gets me.

  7. Damn I have not played Pitfall in years and ironically, I just thought it about the other day! You made me quite happy today.

  8. Facts don’t change because your mood changes, or with the ebbs and flows of joy and success in your life.

    I bear “god” no ill will. I prefer to reserve my animus for things that actually exist. Like religion :)

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