Catholics say vote for secular candidates

I just find this amusing. The Catholics are urging the citizens of India to vote for secular candidates… Be true to the letter and spirit of the preamble and the provisions of the constitution of India without any sectarian or party persuasion. “Be true to the letter and spirit” of the constitution. Funny, I don’t [...]

The Face of Prayer = KA-CHING! $$$

I just caught wind of this, showing a prayer poster on display at a US Army recruitment site and I realized hey, there’s a market here, and I don’t just mean here in the US. Hell, with VERY little effort, I can modify a base design and have something I could sell all around the [...]

Christian Apologist

So there was a cute comment at BOH from someone called “Christian Apologist” (very catchy). You’ve all no doubt heard a variant of this 1000s of times, which usually makes people sort of numb to it and merely provokes an eyeroll. Not me. The fact that I’ve heard it yet again means it’s a zombie [...]

Hail Satan!

Imagine, if you would, a man incarcerated at the county jail. Now imagine his sacred religious pendant taken from him by the guards, denied access to religious materials of his faith, and openly ridiculed for his faith. Further imagine that due to his religious beliefs, he was placed in situations where violence was expected and [...]

Hey, everybody remember Muddle, the lovable scamp who fancies himself a philosopher? Well it seems he’s not that accustomed to people calling him on his silliness, and my comments have gotten to him. They’ve gotten to him to the point where he concocted this new work to try and undermine two of my previous objections. [...]