Now Can you See Why?

From the Star Tribune, the ACLU filed suit against a publicly funded charter school Wednesday over promoting religion and leasing school space from a religious organization. Despite claims otherwise from the school, the ACLU claims the school is using federal and state money to promote religion in violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

The suit also alleges that there are prayers on the walls of the school entry and that teachers have participated in student prayer activities. Samuelson, state ACLU executive director, said the school has used its website to seek volunteers to lead prayers, and that it requires students and staff to dress in attire that conforms to religious ideals. He also said the school has issued a handbook instructing staff to not discuss what goes on at the school. “You cannot have a broad secrecy oath” in a school funded with public dollars, Samuelson said.

The ACLU is not targeting [this religion] but defending the U.S. Constitution, whose First Amendment states in part, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” Samuelson said.

There are considerable other complaints, such as using government aid money to holding companies which funnel that money to a religion promoting non-profit, and that the school doesn’t provide after school busing immediately after classes, but rather not until the end of after school activities which include a religious studies course.

Samuelson said that over the years the Minnesota ACLU has sued a number of public school districts for promoting various Christian sects. In addition, it has sued cities around the state for violating the separation of church and state clause of the First Amendment, most recently, the city of Duluth for putting a Ten Commandments monument on the city hall lawn.

Now this is usually when Christians get all bent and call the ACLU various nasty names, bemoan how their religious freedoms are being attacked, and generally act like ridiculous spoiled brats. Please, by all means, let it all out. I’ll wait….

… because the charter school is promoting Islam.

The US Constitution, it’s there for all of us.

Have a nice day. :)

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13 Responses to “Now Can you See Why?”

  1. Philly, I bet dollars to donuts that the right wing noise machine and their Chritianist henchmen will tie themselves in a knot over this one. They want our government to fund Christian religious schools, but not a Muslim religious school. This should be fun.

  2. How they respond will be interesting. If they take the low road, so be it, they’re ignorant fucks. If, however, they take the high road and try to, you know, actually cite the law, well, take notes, because everything they’ll list will be things that can be fired back when they abuse the law pushing their faith.

  3. That was great… Thanks!

  4. Yes it will be interesting. Nice pickup Philly

  5. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  6. gold, pure gold.

    It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Hopefully the Christians will kick up a stink about it and then we can all point and laugh and call them hypocrites.

  7. Yes, it will be interesting to see how they respond, they’re really in a no-win situation if they respond publically at all. Many, I think, will realize this and simply not comment out loud, although inside we all know what they feel.

    The ones that will be fun to watch are the fundie nutcases who, in no uncertain terms, support Christianity and only Christianity and think this is a solely Christian nation. But aren’t those the idiots we all laugh at anyhow?

  8. A broad secrecy oath? I wonder if they got decoder rings and were taught a secret knock. . . .

    I’d like to see a death match between the ACLU and the ACRU on this one–the ACRU, of course, fighting on behalf of the religious freedom of the decoder ring-wearing Muslims.

    That would be the besttest fight of all time, never mind Spiderman vs Batman!

    Crap, now I’ll never get to sleep tonight.

  9. Brilliant. I may spend the better part of my day tomorrow looking into the coming hypocrisy in action while it plays out on Christian blogs everywhere.

  10. Good post, Philly. And DB, good idea about checking Christian blogs. :)

  11. If you’re in need of things to do DB, I have some errands you can run for me, or you can just come over and walk the dog or do a spot of cleaning. Trust me, I can keep you occupied. ;)

  12. Oh, excellent, I love dogs! Father Jacob used to have me run his errands and … oh, you almost got me there! Clever!

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