Christian Bus Ad Fix

The Christians are now placing bus ads, because, well, they’re so original. Anyway, I felt their ad was missing something. You know, leaving out an essential part of the story, so I went ahead and fixed it. Any Christian group interested in this fix, let me know. You can have it free of charge. Merry [...]

In Oz, what you’re looking at here is child porn since cartoon characters are considered “persons”. Possession of such drawings will get you fined $3000(AU) and placed on a “good behavior bond”. And I thought most Americans had trouble distinguishing between reality and make believe. Holy shit! Perhaps the Pope should be fined for possession [...]

Magic MRI

Well I suppose this tops toast or even salsa splatter – some woman thinks she can see Mary in her MRI. Personally, as you can see above, I instead see a dog with his ears up, like the Chihuahua they used to use to sell Taco Bell food. Of course that’s what we humans do [...]

PROP 8: The Musical