So it turns out Neanderthals were pale, freckled redheads with O blood, had a gift for gab and a fondness for bone marrow. Oh boy, like Mrs. Chief needed more ammunition to bust my balls. This information is a result of new discoveries recently in Spain reported in the Telegraph, but it’s not entirely new [...]

Green doesn’t equal good

If the Bible can be used for good, what’s the harm? This question comes up a lot in various forms, but the essential argument is if religious belief produces a good, then it’s good (or at least not so bad). This is typical ends justify the means belief. Of course it’s rarely as cut and [...]

Letter Writing

I wrote some letters today, and I thought I’d share them here. The first is to Tom Sears and his shit-eating grin in response to his opinion piece entitled ‘What are the atheists afraid of?’: Tom, I find it comical that you ask what atheists may be afraid of yet your column is a fear [...]

Blending Right In

Happy Miraculously Busted Hymen Day!

This time of year, everyone is debating how to greet one another. Happy Holidays? Merry Christmas? Merry X-mas? How do you even say that? Do you literally say the letter “X”? Anyway, I certainly have no problem saying “Merry Christmas” since that’s the name of the federal holiday, and since it’s a federal holiday, that [...]