Think Progress has a piece about a new tactic by the anti-gays, and that’s to suggest their plight isn’t that bad, that their lack of equal rights isn’t comparable to blacks’ struggle since it’s not like gays have been stoned, hosed or hung like blacks were. Apparently now there is a violence threshold that must [...]

Another Preacher Can’t Handle Obama win

I recently had a post where I showed how some people are having a problem with Obama being President-elect. Well now this is extra special and to no surprise, from yet another Christian minister, this time from the Protestant side. Pastor Mike’s has a big sign out front (which looks to me like a strip [...]

Allah Wins!!!

Great, so your Jesus can help you find your car keys or maybe appear in your toast but how about make you as strong as 30,000 men? Giving you the ability to rip coins in half with your bare hands, lift cars, pull trains, never need sleep, and most incredibly, be able to have sex [...]

Voted for Obama? No Cracker for you!

Some people REALLY have a hard time dealing with losing. What we’re seeing in America is a lot of people who, for whatever reason, didn’t want Obama to be our next President really taking their loss hard. You have people hooting about maps this which show the US being mostly red (too bad for them [...]

In Defense of Same Sex Marriage

I want to take a moment and address some of the arguments against same sex marriage. I’ve argued with different people at different times over some of these arguments, but I thought I’d try and compile as many of them as I can in one place. The inspiration was The Chaplain’s great post about the [...]