Something’s magical about the season

Yes sir, there’s something magical about the holiday season alright. The closer we get to Christmas, the more obnoxiously in your face Christians are, swelled with Christmas smugness like a tick bloated with blood. Take for instance Mr. Messinger here, spinning a tale of the magic of not just Christmas, but of Christianity of course, [...]

A miracle, huh?

So when your clumsy tot manages to jam a car key into his brain and emergency crews helicopter him to a medical unit where doctors surgically remove it so that no damage is caused to his brain and later you hear he also won’t suffer any damage to his eye, who do you thank? “[I]t [...]

Here ya go. This fine work is by someone named Mary Kenny, who I suppose is someone remotely important in Ireland. Anyway, the atheist bus ads are soon to arrive in Ireland and this REALLY has her panties in a twist, inspiring her to both claim that atheists are “miserable blighters” and that all the [...]

It’s quite a special thing to see people of various walks of life and beliefs come together to help others in need, isn’t it? Now there’s been lots of debate about faith based charities and whether they deserve government funds. One of the primary arguments against doing so is that it’s impossible for them to [...]

Check out this piece of shit at the WSJ. You know it’s going to be good with a picture of Mad Max (portrayed by raging anti-semite and old school crazy Catholic Mel Gibson, now famous for his Christian snuff classic, The Passion of the Christ) and the opening:One man’s theory: A nation whose people can’t [...]