Of Dinos and Olives

So I’m sure you know about the Creation Museum, the farcical museum of science and history which poo-poos Evolution and asserts that humans and dinosaurs co-existed and interacted. There might also be other exhibits there about early transportation. Anyway, not all of Kentucky thinks this silly museum should be taken seriously. Thankfully, the Sandra Small [...]

Moronic Prayer at McCain Rally

Questions: 1) Involved in everything that happens between now and election? What happened to free will, and the excuse that his god can’t intervene directly because of that?2) Is he acknowledging the existence of other gods?3) If he is involved, and Obama wins, then is that the work of his god or evidence that his [...]

Deutschland über alles

At a time when a US publisher claims they’re afraid to publish books that might offend Muslims, Danish cartoons mocking Islam getting censored, and even a British police department forced to apologize for using a puppy in a promotional poster because apparently even cute little puppies are deemed offensive to Muslims, could there be any [...]

The Chief Answers Questions

Someone recently sent me some questions having found my email address on this blog. The questions were short but my answers turned out to be long, so I’m posting them here. Surprisingly, the questions weren’t about religion or atheism. [A]s a free thinking American, do you believe in our founding principals based on the constitution [...]

The Pope, The Gold Standard for Irony

Seen here in his gold hat, solid gold staff, fine Italian leather shoes, gowns of silk with gold threading and meticulous lace accompanied by his posse, the Pope said that wealth means nothing and that everyone should be basing their lives on his god’s word instead of on wealth. Nice. Rest assured, when there’s misery [...]