Of Dinos and Olives

So I’m sure you know about the Creation Museum, the farcical museum of science and history which poo-poos Evolution and asserts that humans and dinosaurs co-existed

and interacted.

There might also be other exhibits there about early transportation.

Anyway, not all of Kentucky thinks this silly museum should be taken seriously. Thankfully, the Sandra Small Gallery in Covington will be exhibiting the works of artist Stephen Geddes in which Geddes pokes some fun at the Creationist assertions. The standout has to be his sculpture entitled “Jurassic Ark”, where dinosaurs are shown on the ark, with one playfully holding Noah in its mouth (although Noah doesn’t look he’s having fun). More on this can be found here.

Most of the time we fume and fuss over the dangerous nonsense of religion, and rightly so, but sometimes its best to simply mock this nonsense. True, people can be duped into some pretty stupid shit, but believing humanity’s early history was like a Flintstone’s cartoon? You need something pretty powerful to get people to accept that crap, something like religion. Hell, it can even cause people to attack each other over picking olives! Yeah, like there’s hope of peace between two religious cultures who can’t even refrain from fighting over some olives.

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9 Responses to “Of Dinos and Olives”

  1. I’m going to start taking my martinis with pearl onions from now on.

  2. There you go again, persecuting the Christians by not automatically nodding and smiling and agreeing with everything they say. Cruel. I would expect that from, say, The Grumpy Loin or The Exterminator, but not from you, Philly. After all, you know what persecution really is — Chiefs?

    A family (((Wife))) and I know are planning a family vacation which will include two full days at the Disco Musuem in Kentucky. Keep in mind, during an earlier road trip, they spent one day (ONE!) at the National Zoo and the entire Smithsonian Institution down in DC. The entire Smithsonian PLUS the National Zoo in one day. But two days at the Disco. I would love to see some standardized tests of their kids before and after this visit. Would scores go up or down?

  3. There’s a Disco museum?

    Ex, I think that’s called a Gibson, or Gimlet. Something with a “G” (my roommate and I in college took a bartending course).

  4. Ex, can I have your olives? They’ll go really nicely with my spaghetti and wine; next to the spaghetti, not in the wine.

  5. Philly: Disco Museum = Discovery Museum.

  6. Hey… I thought I left a comment here earlier. You deleting me now? :)

  7. Wrong post, Evo. You commented on the porn burning, not on this before.

  8. I knew that. I was just testing you……

  9. Don’t fret over having to cover your senior moments. Just embrace them. Might as well. ;)

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