Moronic Prayer at McCain Rally


1) Involved in everything that happens between now and election? What happened to free will, and the excuse that his god can’t intervene directly because of that?
2) Is he acknowledging the existence of other gods?
3) If he is involved, and Obama wins, then is that the work of his god or evidence that his god can’t match the divine intervention power of the other gods?
4) If what McCain says is bad, why would you pray that he be “energized” to continue saying it and that people be receptive to it? Shouldn’t you instead pray that he say what’s best for America?
5) Name one of the “varieties of reasons” a Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim might vote for Obama.
6) His god is so vain that he can be manipulated by an appeal to his precious reputation?
7) There’s a god named “Hindu”?
8) Buddha is a god?
9) You do know Allah is another name for your god, right? That you and the Jews and the Muslims all share the same god?
10) Why are people there applauding approvingly?

Note – According to McCain, there are ignorant yahoos at Obama rallies as well calling for his death. I guess though that the Obama yahoos are too clever to actually be videotaped, since there’s no evidence to support his claim.

Or he’s just fucking lying. Hmmm Is this the work of Conrad’s god? Is McCain being “energized” to lie like this by his god? Will enough Americans be magically made to hear and accept such lies? Are these the kinds of things which will allegedly improve Conrad’s god’s reputation?

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9 Responses to “Moronic Prayer at McCain Rally”

  1. Either McCain is a very bad Christian and is lying, and/or he is a very good politician and is lying. The same goes for Obama. Any way you slice it, both McCain and Obama are liars, and they both know it.

    Ron Paul is a liar too, albeit a more intelligent/clever one, or maybe less intelligent, I don’t know since he buys into all sorts of conspiracy theories.

    Mwahahah, what a predicament! I’ve got no solutions to this problem other than….anarchy (ron paul)? communism (obama)? theocracy (mccain/paulin)?

    Well, lol, just make sure you look out for #1 in this chaos!

  2. LOL

  3. I don’t get the communism quip, but yeah, no gold star candidate this time, but McCain is dangerous for the economy, foreign policy, and of course his potential Supreme Court nominees. Oh yeah, and he might drop dead, leaving us with Pres. Palin. Yikes!

  4. If you think McCain’s policies on the economy are terrible, wait till you see Obama in action. Ron Paul is the only one sound for the economy with his do absolutely nothing politics.

  5. Quite actually, and contrary to what everybody is saying, Palin’s ideas on the economy actually work. Her “Drill Here Drill Now” mantra is just what America needs ecconomically and is actually good for the national security interests. And I know this is really irrational, but perhaps her policy on adoption vs. abortion will be just what American population needs to solve the housing problem (there happens to be an oversupply of housing and underdemand for them so the market crashed). Sure, protecting Isreal from Iran, even if at the push of a button, is also a brilliant idea too…. to me, it’s spooky how much the Christian Fundies have the right answer on these issues I tell you, even if it’s all based on a false premise.

    Actually, on closer examination, the Christian Fundies are working for the “American Ideal”, and “the freedoms that make this country great”. They think they are working for God, but they actually are working for Capitalism which is the opposition to what the Christian Doctrine professes (mainly, they are working against Communism, even if chaos makes it come out that way amidst all their apparent irrationality).

    For you see, the government (the people in the American case) is the driving force behind religion, not the other way around. If the government needs to compensate for something, it puts pressure on the churches and does it through certain means of political advertising (same in China, Russia, England, and America).

    You can’t look at anything on an individual basis, or even at face value, you need to look at the overall behavior of systems when making decisions.

  6. I can’t believe the people applauded after a prayer. WTF? I guess Republicans are easily entertained.

  7. Oyyy– everyone in the public eye sounds like either a hypocrite or a zealot. Actually, if you really want to rattle their cages, take a look at this article in the Washington Post (Aug. 28) on the origins of Obama’s first name using biblical, historical, linguistic, and archeological evidence. It should give you ammunition to “out-authoritize” the opposition of whatever stripe!

    As for me, I’m well aware that Barack means Baruch or “blessed” and can’t get over the superstition that forces me to take such coincidences seriously.

  8. McCain’s first name is John, and a “John” is another word for a toilet. A “John” is also someone who will pay for pleasure. I can’t help but take the coincidences that McCain is both full of shit and been fully willing to pay whatever price to pleasure his ambition.

    Wooo, spooky.

  9. Lots of good questions. I don't think they have many answers except maybe to Number 5 -"Because he will help destroy the society that is supported by the Christian god."

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