Deutschland über alles

At a time when a US publisher claims they’re afraid to publish books that might offend Muslims, Danish cartoons mocking Islam getting censored, and even a British police department forced to apologize for using a puppy in a promotional poster because apparently even cute little puppies are deemed offensive to Muslims, could there be any place in the world where sanity exists? Finally yes, and it’s Germany.

A German magazine by the name of ‘Titanic’ can now shout it’s “king of the world” by having the balls to hold a Muhammad look-a-like contest. During the competition there will be readings from the Koran and participants will be encouraged to mimic the Muslim prophet. All of this will take place at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 18th. As Titanic puts it:

“Come along to the most dangerous event of the Frankfurt Book Fair … It will be a blast,”

Well, let’s hope not literally. You know how those followers of the “religion of peace” are. This guy should win hands down:


Btw, I should note that at least one US publisher has stepped up to the plate to publish a book that the Muslims don’t like.

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6 Responses to “Deutschland über alles”

  1. Great idea for a contest.

  2. I hope you’ll check out what happens next weekend and tell us all about it. Suppression of speech is a critical issue. Kudos to Titanic for daring to stand up to the wackos in the best way possible, by ridiculing them. Will the Muhammad impersonators be in the booth beside the Elvises, or the Nixons?

  3. I approve of the Mohammed look-alike contest for its sheer balls. But coming from Germany — a country that has a long history of caricaturing minority groups — I also find the idea somewhat chilling.

  4. Well there’s no bake-off planned, afaIk.

  5. They should also have a Jesus look-a-like contest. Then the winners fight.

  6. You could have a Moses look-alike contest and make it a three-way battle.

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