The Pope, The Gold Standard for Irony

Seen here in his gold hat, solid gold staff, fine Italian leather shoes, gowns of silk with gold threading and meticulous lace accompanied by his posse, the Pope said that wealth means nothing and that everyone should be basing their lives on his god’s word instead of on wealth. Nice.

Rest assured, when there’s misery and tragedy to exploit, religion is there. Maybe you’re suffering because you strayed from the righteous path, so you better get to church. Maybe you need help dealing with your grief, so you better get to church. So with investments and retirement funds in the crapper, businesses going under, jobs lost, houses lost or soon to be lost, what’s the answer? Oh right, a reminder from an old coot decked out with more bling than your average gangsta that money doesn’t matter and you should instead focus on god, and oh btw, don’t forget that collection basket when it comes around.

I can’t understand why the religious fear atheists, when their leaders do more to show their little superstition clubs are ridiculously full of crap than we could ever hope to.

Anyway, I think the Pope needs a Flavor Flav clock, but something more to his style.

Do ya know what time it is?

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5 Responses to “The Pope, The Gold Standard for Irony”

  1. Um, 4:35? Not sure about am or pm.

    Of course the religious establishment feels threatened by atheists. If enough people embrace reality and rationality, the gravy train (private jets, gold toilet seats, $40,000 dog houses, access to altar boys, youth ministry sleepovers, Rolls Royces, Popemobiles, etc) ends. Then these poor folks, with divinity degrees, would have to find real jobs, jobs in which actual results matter. A real job would be real tough for these mena and women, no matter how intelligent they are. Faith and deferred product don’t work in the real world. How many contracts would you get if you just kept promising that, after the client dies, he will get the artwork? I’m guessing somewhere between none and zero.

  2. MC Ratzinger time

  3. There are always sure-fire winners in economic hard times. Gambling does well. Booze sales skyrocket. And churches fill up.

    People are bright.

  4. Undertakers always do well, as do cemeteries. Both in cahoots with churches.

    How about Da Pope? Eminence? P-Benny? Whatever ya call him, he’s rockin’ da Vat old school, and keepin’ it unreal, yo.

  5. Do ya know what time it is?

    Lemme guess: time for the Church to disintegrate?

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