Dude, you’re like, THIS close…

This is great, some priest has written a book called God is Big, Real Big, and in it, he says Jesus was not the infamous Abrahamic god, Mary wasn’t a virgin and Joseph was in fact the baby daddy. ‚ÄúThis whole matter regarding Jesus being God … not only does violence to my own intelligence, [...]

A Battle Hymn for the ENTIRE Republic

I’ve had an exchange with some people who equate being Christian with being American. Their recent excitement is over this rendition of the Battle Hymn of the Republic which appears to have been performed at a public school (your tax dollars at work). The snazzy video was done after the fact, and not part of [...]

Away in a manger on government property…

I know, Halloween hasn’t even hit yet and I’m talking X-mas. Thing is, there are a couple of stories that caught my attention today. The first, a bit of good news, comes from Green Bay. Well actually, it’s tentatively good news. The Advisory Committee voted in favor of keeping the religious crap off of City [...]

Doug Stanhope

Holy crap, I found a guy who has already been saying a lot of what I’ve been thinking, Doug Stanhope. Millennials: Christianity: Oh, and he’s created a charity, the Saving Bristol Fund.

Goodbye Oldie Porn

Members of the Christ Church Anglican (depicted above) held a very special service Sunday. You see, they had a good ol’ fashioned burning. Not books though, but something they hate even more. Porn. It turns out they found an old stash of porn films in a theater they just purchased and you know what that [...]