Footprints for Children

I felt compelled to alter this Christian tool for brainwashing children into something more appropriate for the kids… Update: It just dawned on me that some of you may not be familiar with the original…

It has the look of real money

So lately Mrs. Chief and I have been looking for a home. Now is quite an exceptional time to buy, since housing prices are falling while interest rates are also low and still slipping. Another reason why this is an excellent time to buy is because we Chiefs are VERY particular people, and in this [...]

A Day at the Supermarket

Outside the supermarket today, I encountered quite an interesting combo of fundraisers. On one side, the Boy Scouts. On the other, Korean War vets. Both of these groups remind me of what’s wrong in America, and also a personal family issue that resulted from it which I think brings the whole thing home. The Korean [...]

“Buzz Lightyear got us through”

A wonderful story was reported yesterday where a father and his autistic son were rescued after having been swept out to sea. They survived some 15 hours in shark and jellyfish infested waters by calling out lines from… wait for it… Disney movies. Yup, Walter’s son Christopher watches a lot of Disney movies and is [...]

Loyalty Test

There’s quite a famous story for Christians, and that’s the one about Abraham and Isaac (technically Jewish, but whatever, and incidentally, the Muslims dig this tale, too, only they substitute Ishmael for Isaac). Basically the way the story goes is God tests Abraham’s loyalty by commanding him to sacrifice his son. Abraham, being the dutiful [...]