Atheists force fair play at the fair

In Wilson County, TN, they have themselves a fair and this Sunday at the fair it’s “God & Country Day”. According to this article, fair officials were offering a church bulletin discount only to Christian groups attending God & Country Day, $2 off admission. Well naturally the local atheist group complained but what’s amazing is the Fair officials decided to be fair and allow anyone, regardless of their religious views, $2 off if they show a coupon from the church bulletin or off a secular website. Now this doesn’t mean the officials actually understand that this is fair though. The board member who organized this doesn’t see the original plan as being discriminatory and is quick to point out that past God & Country Days received broad community support.
“I’m not naive enough to think that every person in Wilson County believes there is a God,” Lewis said. But she added that faith is a vital part of life in Wilson County, and for Tennesseans in general.

So it’s not discriminatory because the majority favors it is what she’s going with. Very nice. You know what else is nice? Some of the damn comments to the article (stuff in bold is from me):

I don’t understand why they’d even want to be at a place that will be mostly crowded with Christians.
- Like most places aren’t. Where the fuck should we go then? Besides, I’m guessing a lot of this shit is pretty exciting for folks down there.

And you wonder why this country is in the shape it is. It use to be majority ruled now a few rules. Wake up people, before long you will be on your knees praying to Allala or however you spell it. This includes Atheists ” you will know their god”.
- Ah, a yoke is a yoke, and that’s no joke, no matter how you spell it, be it Allah, Jesus, whatever.

I’m pretty certain you’d never dare scream discrimination at Disney because it leans toward your viewpoint, but they have whole celebrations specifically for homosexuals. When Christians take exception to that, they’re told that they’re intolerant.
- I can understand confusing Disney with the government since both are pretty comical and Mickey Mouse operations, but Disney is a private company.

what a freaking bunch of morons , if it bothers atheists then stay away and find something to do that is not going to bother you . How hard is that?

The truth of the matter is, this country is a Republic run by democracy, which means majority rules. However, 1.3% of the population is telling more than 90% of the population how, when, where they can practice their rights.

0 % of the country believes in god so why are we allowing the small amount who do not ,dictate what we can and cannot do ? Too many wusses in public office that we can thank for this .

I don’t see it as endorsing ANYTHING: they simply offered a discount to a segment of society.

Aside from the overall idiocy, do you notice a common thread? ‘There’s more of us than you so shut the fuck up’. Yeah, that’s what America is all about alright. Anyway, if you have the time (or maybe I should say patience), peruse the comments. They’re good for some laughs, or tears, whichever.

Bonus: Another thing I’m told is fun for killing time is guessing what’s original and what’s been changed or added in the images I post so feel free to guess which things in the photo above are original, and what’s been added. No points or prizes will be awarded.

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26 Responses to “Atheists force fair play at the fair”

  1. To be honest, I can’t see why anyone who isn’t Christian would even want to visit Tennessee, much less live there.

    The letters are just what you’d expect. But the asshole who wrote about Disney doesn’t seem to know that there’s also a big Christian hoopla weekend at Disney World. Basically, those theme parks will have a “special weekend” for any group that can draw big enough crowds. Hell, they’d probably even have an Atheist weekend if we could demonstrate beforehand that our numbers would justify it.

  2. These moronic comments remind me of arguments I have with conservative associates and their usual “If you don’t like it, you can leave” mentality of their America…

    Built on the backs of immigrants and founded on personal freedoms… And, they’re telling US to leave?

  3. I love their “majority rules” arguments, especially when used while arguing for slavery, segregation, prohibition, pedophile priests, and spousal rape. Or refusing to grant rights to women…damn minority groups always pushing for more rights! The Christian majority wins every time!

    Oh, and the bonus…you removed the 40oz beer from the guy and replaced it with a can. Either that or the trees. I’m not sure.

  4. Let me play devil’s advocate with you here, Philly. You may have a perfectly good answer that I’d agree with.

    Setting aside the letters (which are obviously moronic) and just dealing with the “God and Country” fair; unless this is a government sponsored event, why should they not give a discount to participants who are affiliated with a church? What if we had an “Atheists in America” fair, and gave a $2 discount to anyone who could prove they blog about atheism? Should others be able to claim discrimination? Finally, if it IS somehow government related, then isn’t our problem with it, even more than the discount, that they call the fair “God and Country”?

  5. This is a government thing, and yes, I have a problem with it still being called God and Country Day.

    The love it or leave it, majority rules bullshit pisses me off the most though. Let’s face it though, it’s not anything new. America has a rich tradition of that shit. I have branches of my family who lost their vowels from the ends of their last names due to an ancestor 80-90 years ago who wanted to increase his odds of getting work or even to buy a house in certain neighborhoods. America may be built on inclusive principles, but Americans are largely exclusive. Be the right color, the right sexual orientation, the right ethnicity and worship the right god and you’ll be fine. If not, you ain’t a real American, so fuck off.

  6. That’s why the Constitution is so important. Yeah, you can play with a lot of it and interpret it different ways, but the clear intent of equality and individual rights that are written into it are hard to ignore. People don’t seem to realize it, but if you are a TRUE AMERICAN, you accept that being in the majority at any given moment doesn’t make you right or above anyone else. The Constitution is actually a document for minority rights. We can’t win in the voting booth (at least not yet). We can only win in court and only when judges and juries follow the Constitution. My biggest problem with Bush, by far, is what he has done to that document.

  7. Yesterday I had to go to a funeral. A friend’s dad died. I never knew he was in the navy for awhile (he was in the Caribbean during the Cuban missile crisis). Anyway, he had the honor guard come out and do the whole military funeral with the guns and the folding of the flag. When the old geezer gave the flag to my friend’s mom, he said it was in honor of his service “to both god and country”. That sort of thing nauseates me far more than the silly service where they talk about “going home”, “it’s a graduation” and all that bullshit. As if I wasn’t hot enough standing there baking under the sun in a charcoal suit, I had to hear that god and country crap. Old bastard.

    Perhaps the atheist group should lobby for a “Country Without a God Day” or perhaps “Constitution Day”. For the latter, you get $2 off if you can name an amendment and say what it means.

  8. I’ll be going to a funeral for a friend in a couple of hours. Pretty sure I’ll have some stories when I get back. The guy LIVED a very secular life-style, but gave massive lip-service to the Holy Bible. I imagine they’ll bury him with that in mind. Yuch. Not much looking forward to this.

  9. Giving discounts to the majority is the stupidist thing, they might as well be giving fees to the minority or something.

  10. Maybe they could give discounts for being an American too, then everybody except visitors from from foriegn countries….lol. Yeah, that’s bigotry all right.

  11. QF – Giving the discounts to “americans” still wouldn’t cover the atheists – according them them, we aren’t “real” Americans.

    But you got me to thinking… if these jokers had a brain, they would have given a discount to atheists instead of anyone else. They could say they want to show the unbelievers the love of christ. All the fundies would love it, and they couldn’t be criticized for discrimination.

  12. if these jokers had a brain, they would have given a discount to atheists instead of anyone else. They could say they want to show the unbelievers the love of christ. All the fundies would love it, and they couldn’t be criticized for discrimination.

    Evo, you obviously don’t know your fundies. If there’s a discount to be had, they want in; if they don’t get it, no one does.

  13. If you have citizenship in the USA, then that makes you an American.

    (as an aside: If you have citizenship in Canada, Mexico or Cuba, then you’re North American…. or you could be South American if you lived in a South America country, but the modifier North or South is generally used so that people don’t confuse you with a USA citizen which are generally just called “Americans” or Native Americans for short. Apparently Canadians refer to themselves as Americans as well, which has been known to start fights.)

  14. Everyone gets pissy about Americans calling themselves such. “Hey, we’re from America TOO”, screams the Cuban Mexican Canadian.

    No, you aren’t. The reason that everyone calls us Americans is that’s the fucking NAME OF OUR COUNTRY. Unless you think we should be called “Staters”, in which case, every country that has “states” will say, “HEY”… etc.

    No one makes a huge deal out of the Continent they are from. Everyone identifies by country.

    Now, understand, I’m not defending this nationalistic bullshit. I’m just saying that IF we are going to identify where we are from, then use your country’s name – not your continent. Personally, I’d rather identify by saying I’m from Los Angeles or California. No one seems to go to war over that sort of designation.

  15. I don’t understand why they’d even want to be at a place that will be mostly crowded with Christians.

    Maybe it’s because, unlike Christians, they don’t care that some of the people who enjoy the same activities they do might not share their beliefs about matters that have absolutely nothing to do with that activity. They are not afraid of you like you are of them.

  16. I agree, Vinny. It’s quite a contrast to this.

  17. If I was to guess, you added the big guy and his two kids to the picture.

  18. Not too many attempts at the bonus. It’s the lack of prizes, right? Well if you guess, you can win bragging rights. How’s that?

    So far, DB is wrong and wrong, and SI gets partial credit.

  19. No "You Made Me Say It Secret Decoder Rings"? I know the answer, but fuck you. @ Vinny – do you know the difference between fear and revulsion? By the way, the "activity" is related to "God and Country", no?

  20. How about the winner can send me their picture and I’ll put them in the fair, or perhaps someplace else they’d think is nice?

  21. I win the prize, but I’m not going to give anything away. I did find the original pic, though — so I know what you added. I’ll send it to you by email, so’s you know I ain’ lah-in’.

  22. Now that’s cheatin’

  23. You added the black kid with the turbin.

  24. I mean, the kid with the black turbin and the teddy bear.

  25. Ex has made his own game, finding my google search terms to discover the root image. What a dick! Anyway, there ya go.

  26. wow, that is impressive photoshopmanship.

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