End of Year 1

So guess what? Exactly one year ago Wednesday I started this blog. It’s been quite a year I think. I started it as a means to vent and later to work out some ideas. Well I’m now participating in a podcast (actually, after seeing the Four Horsemen video of Harris, Dawkins, Dennet and Hitchens chatting I sarcastically said something like “you know we’d be a lot more amusing to listen to” on Evo’s blog and then everyone’s gears started to spin, so never underestimate the power of sarcasm), I’ve actually got people who come here to read what I say (even people who hate what I say, which is quite amusing), I get linked to by others, show up in Carnivals, and I’ve learned enough icky web coding to allow me to jam this blog full of graphics that make people’s browsers choke (and yet you’re still here, aren’t you?). I’ve made people angry with me, angry at me, or simply just angry in general, occasionally made people laugh, and maybe, just maybe got some people to think about some things that they otherwise wouldn’t have, or at least in a new and better way – mine. :)

That’s a pretty good first year I think. What can I do with another year? Who knows? Let’s see…

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22 Responses to “End of Year 1”

  1. What can I do with another year? Who knows?
    Well, for one thing, you might splurge for a cake big enough to share with your friends.

  2. I think of you and the Exterminator and Chappie and the Grumpy Lion as old-timers on the atheism blog circuit. Just shows how fast things move on the internet.


  3. Congrats on the anniversary, hopefully you'll still be doing this in another 10.Now is it just me or did that sound kind of scary? I'm not sure I can face the idea of still sitting around blogging in 10 more years.

  4. Everyone gets their own cupcake, a nice dark chocolate one, served on commemorative YMMSI fine China (you break ‘em, you bought ‘em). :)

  5. Happy Birthday!

    They grow up so fast these days…

  6. The only thing that would phase me is if you talked admiringly about French-cut canned stringbeans. I wouldn't mind if you mentioned that Evo was sleeping with them, though.By the way, here's your card. I must confess that I put the wrong number in the cake. I thought you were celebrating the anniversary of your first day. I guess when you're my age, you lose track of time.

  7. Well it doesn’t look like you’re runny out of things to gripe about any time soon, so you might as well keep going.

  8. By then I’m sure it will be very different, Cephus. Youtube is only a few years old and look at how different the intertubes are today.

    Sadly Brian, I think that’ll be true for a long time.

  9. Way to go, Philly, and I’m proud to be among those who frequently stop by. You’re a great voice out there– I can’t decide whether it’s more fun to watch you lock horns with theists or Ex. Who cares, though? Why not enjoy both?

    Keep on giving’em all hell!!

  10. That’s apples and oranges. I can’t get a rise out of Ex by talking about his wife. Not only wouldn’t it phase him, but somehow he’d make it funny, probably at my expense. I guess what I’m saying is he’s a pain in the ass because he’s clever. The theists are a pain in the ass because they’re not.

    Both thick as a brick though. :) ~

  11. Very nice. Thanks. You know you’ve been house hunting too long when you look at such a card and are immediately aware of the lack of stainless steel appliances and a gas stove.

  12. Isn’t that a stainless steel appliance in her belly button?

  13. Yeah, yeah, congratulations you young punk.

  14. Well I hope to one day become an old punk like some of you fellas.

  15. Like Billy said, I totally have thought you were one of the oldies! Which means that the atheosphere is only getting better! Congratz

  16. Philly, congratulations. On your 26th podcast. That’s a half a year! Whoopee!!!

  17. I haven’t been on every podcast, but that did happen relatively quickly I guess considering my limited time in the atheosphere.

    As far as thinking I was one of the oldies, I am sort of. I never had a blog before, but I was hardly new to commenting online, certainly not new to arguing or having things piss me off and I’ve been an atheist for as long as I’ve really thought about the issue.

    Blogs are easy in a sense. You just start typing and click ‘post’. I make it a bit more work for myself including images and trying to have links to back up arguments. Doing the podcast is one way I think blogging will change, with the next step being video and then of course that will require custom music, better production and – graphics and animation.

    If I hit the lottery or in some way was financially secure, I’d go into full fledged production. Shows, features, maybe an animated children’s series to counter Veggie Tales, interactive adaptions of classic literature like they do for the bible, and on and on. Entertainment and edutainment production, that’s how an impact could be made. Blogging may make ripples, but there are ways to make waves.

  18. Philly, you have been a Herd member from day one. Whether you actually sat in on every podcast is irrelevant. Take your Happy 26th and shut the fuck up.

  19. I’m really angry.

    That cake is far too small, and besides, it’s made out of pixelated electrons moving across my screen. Totally inedible.

    But CONGRATS! anyway. Here’s my card.

  20. Well I didn’t notice that beard for awhile.

  21. What beard?

  22. I didn’t get an invitation to the party, but I figured, what the hell, I’ll crash it anyway.

    Congratulations, Old Timer. You keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

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