Chief Vacation

Tomorrow I embark on a rare exercise – vacation. Yes, the Chief is rarely far from his native land, this desk, but it’s been said that breaks are necessary so off I go with Mrs. Chief and her folks to the happy hunting ground of Maine, where tasty ocean critters called lobsters are in abundance. [...]

Atheists force fair play at the fair

In Wilson County, TN, they have themselves a fair and this Sunday at the fair it’s “God & Country Day”. According to this article, fair officials were offering a church bulletin discount only to Christian groups attending God & Country Day, $2 off admission. Well naturally the local atheist group complained but what’s amazing is [...]

Excuses to Believe

Ever meet up with your friends at a bar on a work night? You know, a drink or two at happy hour and then you’ll head home, right? Well after a few beers someone suggests ordering some food and you think that would be the smart thing to do so you go along, and order [...]

End of Year 1

So guess what? Exactly one year ago Wednesday I started this blog. It’s been quite a year I think. I started it as a means to vent and later to work out some ideas. Well I’m now participating in a podcast (actually, after seeing the Four Horsemen video of Harris, Dawkins, Dennet and Hitchens chatting [...]

Reality, it’s a bitch

I don’t think I have much to say here other than to urge you to read this great article from the Guardian. I suppose it’s merely a very big advertisement for a new tv special by Dawkins for the BBC called ‘The Genius of Dawkins’ which “sets out to calmly and lucidly explaina) Why Darwin [...]