It’s All Psycho-Logical

A friend passed on a link to an Op-Ed in the NY Times. It’s an interesting opinion, but let’s face it, he’s just another whiner. Haven’t you heard? Our economic problems are merely psychological, so Bush did what’s best to treat a psychological problem, he made a gesture that would appear as if he’s doing [...]

How To Kill An Elephant With A Bible

The Exterminator clued me on to some wacky christian’s website today. You know, one of those where the writer claims to be “on a journey” when we all know she ain’t getting off her ass to go anywhere. Her journey ended the moment she bought into her book being true, and her so called travel [...]

Please Don’t Vote for a Republican

Oh those clever right wingnut bastards! You see, one of them got this clever idea to put up a billboard. Of course the guy, in his over the top selling of the Republican brand, also isn’t too shy about making sure you know his website. Well two can play at that game, fucko!

Christians, Guns, Kids and Marriage

Here’s a little dip into the contrasts of christian thinking. First we have this fun video from GodTube about premarital sex: Then we have this news article about how a church in Oklahoma was forced to cancel their gun giveaway at a weekend youth event, an AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle. But no worries, the gun [...]

Humanist Symposium #22

A couple of my posts have been added to the Humanist Symposium #22, and there are some quality writers in there. I know what you’re thinking, I must have some scandalous photos of people in order to get included. Well, here’s lookin’ at ya.