Religious Intolerance in Arizona

So yesterday, Arizona was the site of religious intolerance and persecution by christians, fining the founder of The Church of Liberty $2 million.

The church, housed in the aptly named building “Angel’s Heaven”, performed very special services for those who attended, for a proper donation. Those services? “Massage”, aka, sexual favors. Now perhaps they didn’t engage in charity efforts like christians. Maybe they didn’t operate soup kitchens or give free had jobs to the homeless, but they did give those who attended services comfort, ecstasy and arguably some very spiritual experiences. Also, unlike other dogmatic religions, I’m sure there were no lectures of hatred of others or commands to do harm. No, this sounds like a true church of peace, for people who can get a piece tend to know peace.

But no doubt you’ll question how this is an act by christians against a rival cult when Minister LaVoie was guilty of being a pimp. Well where do laws against prostitution come from? Well the same place other so called decency laws come from along with blue laws, laws to prevent atheists from holding public offices, laws that deny gay marriage, laws against assisted suicide, laws against drugs and of course attempts to make things like abortion unlawful – christians.

Well I say enough is enough. Nevada certainly hasn’t exploded, the ground hasn’t opened up to be swallowed by the Devil, and mass mayhem hasn’t erupted because people are permitted to sell sexual services. I say there needs to be more Churches of Liberty, and Americans deserve the right to pracice their religious faith in any way that doesn’t harm anyone. If this is how they wish to come to know their god, who are we to deny that?

And if someone wishes to help someone find their god through use of their body (for a fee), then so be it. For Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for all, not just for some who abide by the demands of one religion. Lady Liberty needs to be saved, or else she’ll end up like this:

Mural art by Lady Pink

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11 Responses to “Religious Intolerance in Arizona”

  1. The nicest thing about the very special services is that they give you someplace to go — besides hell — if you say Oh, fuck Jesus!

  2. See, the problem is they were doing this on private property (I assume, anyway). Had they been doing this on public land (city park, courthouse, national park), the fundogelicals would have been lining up to preserve this Constitutionally Protected Service ™. Because on public land, removing a cross (or people fornicating in the name of Jehayzus) is protected; on private land, no.

  3. I’ll bet the pews in that church were full at every service.

  4. Well there was probably a lot of “oh god”s exclaimed, perhaps more than in your average church.

    I wouldn’t be eating any crackers there though.

  5. Hey, at fundagelical churches they cast out demons by "laying on hands" and then expect money for it. I say, when it comes to church, whatever blows your bubble. Great wall-art. The artist is a fucking genius – so to speak.

  6. Damn, I could get religion!

  7. Evo:

    Hey, they were “laying” something, but I don’t know about hands. That would be more like rubbing and groping, wouldn’t it?

  8. Yeah, and I didn’t even get into the fact that some Christian churches have more straight and gay sex than a brothel. Should we close down the Catholic Church? Of COURRRRRRSE!!

  9. Damn, that is sexy, I wouldn’t mind being naughty ass spanked by a hot nun with a yard stick….that is if she was gentle. Or would I rather prefer bare hands and being hand-spanked over her knee while being baptized/massaged by another holy/horney nun dressed like the nude Virgin Mary? The thing is, I’ve never been a catholic and I don’t give a shit about their beliefs, but I’d openly admit that it is a novelty interest.

  10. I can’t say the nun thing works for me, but the uniforms for the schoolgirls works for me. Of course I could very much enjoy a Lady Liberty like in the photo if she gives good torch

  11. Well, I hope that more churches follow in their lead, this could be a lucrative business if done properly.

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