Jesus Vans

I goofed around a bit before heading to bed after finding this funny photo of a Jesus van at The Chapel. I thought “there’s a lot of wasted space there” and then wasted time filling it.

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13 Responses to “Jesus Vans”

  1. Funny stuff. Was that a Catholic school girl on the first van? I’m going to submit this post to some Christian blog carnivals.

  2. Jesus doesn’t know how to spell “loves.”

  3. Ha! I love these. This is my favorite site for this stuff, sort of a clearinghouse:

  4. JLU … “which is why you’re his bitch!”

  5. LMAO. Jesus love you long time…

    Well done.

  6. When I was in high school, a friend of mine got some round, white stickers with a screw on them. He had fun changing “I ‘heart’ my poodle” to “I ‘screw’ my poodle.” Insert the screw for the heart, and you may have come up with an accurate description of Christianity.

  7. There really is a jesuslovesporn site. The first time I found that I thought, “that’s a keeper”.

    Signgenerator is nice but too impersonal. I’m a firm believer in slow, custom, well crafted snark.

    I expected I’d get people giving me additional ideas, probably better ones than I had at the time. I like the bitch one, maybe a variant could be:
    Jesus Loves You… now bend over
    so get on your knees and take it

    I hadn’t thought of replacing the heart. A screw is good, but maybe a nail would be better. ;)

  8. Trying to think visually here, but that’s not really my strong [suit].

    Jesus [Heart] You
    because you’re an [Ass].

    Jesus [Heart] You
    but if you don’t love him back he will [Club] you.

    Jesus [Heart] You
    and wants you to get a [Heart]-on for him.

    Jesus [Heart] You
    because you don’t have a [Brain].

    Jesus [Heart] You.
    Jesus [Liver] You.
    Jesus [Kidney] You.
    Jesus [Lower Intestine] You.

    Jesus [Spade] You
    because he wanted you neutered.
    (Note: spayed is past tense)

  9. That’s masturbate. Unless of course the guy has some sort of domination gig going on.

  10. I debated whether to have your instead of you’re as well.

  11. These are hilarious. I never thought my simple photo would be so inspiring.

  12. Haha I really like the pictures.

    Jesus <3 You
    … so good you can't wait for him to "come" again.

  13. Ha! I love these. This is my favorite site for this stuff, sort of a clearinghouse

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