For yet another excursion into conservativeland, I found a gem on How can one resist an article entitled UFOs, Aliens and Christianity? This one article is so rich in nonsense, it boggles the mind. Here’s one of the funniest bits:

Then, how do we explain aliens if they are for real? The Bible teaches that Satan and his demons (the fallen angels) can take on take all sorts of shapes and perform all sorts of miracles in order to deceive mankind. In fact, some who have been claimed to be abducted by aliens say that these aliens have told them things that undermine the truth of the Christian Scriptures and the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

This is not say that God cannot create life on other planets, but the point being made here is that the supposed alien contacts popularly mentioned are not actual alien beings at all but the work of dark supernatural forces.

That’s right, aliens are really demons. Well, that solves that then! Perhaps all those supposed anal probes are just demons jabbing people in the ass with their pitchforks. So I guess the military is trying to figure out and harness demonic power out at Roswell with their demon craft at Area 51, or perhaps that godless science worshipping cabal known as NASA has been hiding all this evidence of aliens because they don’t want people knowing there are demons or else then people would have proof of Gawd. Oh, but of course I’m speculating here, and perhaps not being fair to Babu’s serious article and getting carried away with absurd ideas. So sorry, but if they were going to tap into that power, perhaps they’d tap into that sexy magnetism those aliens/demons seem to have.

You should read the article for more great facts like:
• The fact remains, however, that science has shown that only micro-evolution (variations within a biological kind such as varieties of dogs, cats, horses, cows, etc.) is possible but not macro-evolution (variation across biological kinds or from simpler kinds to more complex ones).
• The Christian Gospel is an offense to the natural thinking of man.
• The uniqueness of the Christian Gospel shows that it could not have originated from fallen man or aliens.

What I find amusing is this sort of thing is considered worthy of ‘The Conservative Voice’, and they call liberals nutty. Babu has a website called, not to be confused with other oxymoron sites such as,, or You have to check it out, and not just for more entertaining writings, but for the website template he chose, commonly one chosen by homeopaths, spiritualists, and other crazy nutjobs. In fact, I think that’s the name of the template, “Crazy Nutjob”.

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26 Responses to “Conservative Voice says Aliens are Really Demons”

  1. The Christian Gospel is an offense to the natural thinking of man. Close. If one removes the words ‘natural’ and ‘of’, I could agree with the statement.

    I am endlessly fascinated by the mental masturbatory gymnastics required by non-rational thinkers to force any fact or fiction into the worldview created by one freaky little book. As soon as I see the words ‘the Bible teaches . . .’ I cringe. Books do not teach. Books contain information (some useful, some entertaining, some neither). The teachers job (or a part of it, at least) is to help the learner interpret the information, fit the information into reality, and judge the information’s accuracy, usability, and factuality. I would fail the Bible on all three, especially when it comes to providing information about fictional supernatural gods posing as aliens to subvert the Bible.

  2. Some relevant data:

    Babu G. Ranganatha[1], has his B.A. degree with concentrations in theology and biology[2] from Bob Jones University, and has been recognized for his writings on religion and science in the 24th edition of Marquis Who’s Who In The East.[3,4]

    Note 1: This biographical nugget from the Web site misspells Ranganathan’s name.
    Note 2: We all know that there’s no difference between theology and biology at Bob Jones University.
    Note 3: Basically, Ranganathan is a nobody in the West.
    Note 4: Marquis Who’s Who accepts self-nominations, followed up by self-written puff pieces that pass for biographies. According to the Wikipedia article on Marquis’s books:
    Tucker Carlson, in an article entitled “The Hall of Lame” that appeared in Forbes Magazine in 1999, wrote that the selection process is neither rigorous nor meaningful, and self nominators and thousands of people not particularly notable are included, such as bowling coaches, teachers and landscape architects. Carlson also writes that Marquis makes money selling addresses to direct mail marketers.
    Note 5:
    The Exterminator has been recognized for his deeply insightful and unbelievably informative comments in the 1st edition of Marquis Who’s Who At You Made Me Say It.

  3. Well, come on, Philly -

    The Christian Gospel is an offense to the natural thinking of man.

    You can’t really disagree with this one can you?

  4. I said more great facts. I neither stated agreement or disagreement with those facts. I merely said they’re great.

    I remember getting one of those things in the mail, maybe before I even graduate college, for that Who’s Who list. At first I was excited of course, but then my ego asked, “who gets to see that I’m a Who’s Who?” and the answer was only the other shmucks dumb enough to pay this company money to have a listing in this book and order a copy. I, neither wanting to be one of the shmucks nor feeling this satisfied my ego enough, chose not to pay for inclusion. It is kind of sad though if you list that as your singular accomplishment in the 26 years you’ve been sitting on your coveted BA from Bob Jones U. Poor Babu.

    On a funny side note, one of the many colorful Italian slangs my family uses is “baboo” (I have no idea how you spell it, but it’s pronounced “bah-boo”), and that’s used to refer to idiots, as in “he thinks aliens are really demons! What a baboo.”

    Billy, you have to remember that the bible contains the word of god, and his kid. They’re doing the teachifying, therefore the bible teaches, and boy does it teach. It teaches just how much to beat your slaves, when incest is ok, when polygamy is ok, when genocide is ok, when abortion is ok, when rape is ok, and that it’s ok to curse a fucking fig tree. Good stuff.

    Incidentally, Tucker Carlson also gave us the great soundbyte, “there’s too much self esteem in this country”.

  5. Demons?! Nonono, they’re actually Angels

    Too. Many. Nutcases.

    PS: One-time awareness link for blogspot users.

  6. Well, dammitall, there it is! Photographic evidence that ugly little bugeyed aliens get laid more than me. I feel like I’m letting humanity down.

  7. Don’t feel bad. You can’t compete against demonic power. Chicks dig it.

  8. Aliens are demons.
    Except when they’re angels.
    The one thing they never are
    Is plain vanilla aliens.

    I’m auditioning that as the opening verse of a chapter in the Gospel According to Chappy.

    Waddya think?

  9. chappy:
    I hear that plain vanilla aliens are delicious if you pour chocolate sauce on them.

  10. Wonderful, but what flavors are angels and demons?

  11. Philly: Devilsfood adn angelfood. In other words, angels are tasteless, and demons are nice and chocolatey.

  12. That makes sense. I do love dark chocolate.

  13. I thought the UFO’s were always Venus, lightning, or swamp gas…. oh well, I guess religion isn’t listening to the commonly accepted explanations again, but they’ll say anything for more tithe money I guess. I wonder what they believe about dreams then, what, god’s Imax theatre or something, geeze!

  14. According to the angels/demons flavor information listed above, at least some aliens must be demons, because doesn’t Mars make chocolate?

  15. micro-evolution … is possible but not macro-evolution

    Oooh, oooh, I’ve been waiting for someone to prove it. Maybe you could do a blogpost on that. Prove it.

    The rest of this post is a bit of a waste of time.
    You’re coming from an atheist worldview, but I’ve seen no sign that an atheist worldview can justify the use of reason or logic. Maybe you could write up how you know that reason, or evidence, is a good way to get to truth.

    The Christian God justifies those things easily, and other things that come out of Christianity, such as the things you mock here, make perfect sense within a Christian framework. All you’ve done here is mock; let’s see you put some meat on those bones.


  16. “Maybe you could write up how you know that reason, or evidence, is a good way to get to truth. “

    Because you’re using it to ask me if they are.

    Thanks though for confirming that your ridiculous belief system, or “christian framework”, actually supports the idea that aliens are demons. I wasn’t sure if Babu was simply swinging on his own branch of crazy or not.

  17. Because you’re using it to ask me if they are.

    What is your evidence for that?

    How do you know that you are arriving at truth by reading my sentence, thinking about it, and responding?

  18. If you’re asking me to prove the value of reason and evidence to you, you’re question reflects that you already value it.

    If you don’t value reason and evidence, then anything I say here would be a waste of time to try to convince you. In fact, it would be impossible for me to do so since anything I say or do could not influence your notion of truth since you discount evidence, and observing me would be gathering evidence; furthermore, if you reject reason, then you reject the use of evidence for arriving at opinions.

  19. Obviously I value them, else why even comment on or read a blog like this?

    But I don’t grant that you can just assume these things are.

    Or shoot, maybe you CAN just assume it, totally on faith.
    In that case, I assume that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. Each claim is on equal epistemic ground. I’m just asking you to justify your faith. Shouldn’t be that hard, since religions are all idiotic as you imply over and over again around here. Bring out the big guns. Show ‘dem fundies who’s boss.

  20. Just as I said that it’s impossible to prove something to someone who dismisses reason and evidence, so too is it impossible to prove anything to someone who holds faith above reason and evidence.

    Someone who does hold faith above reason and evidence is a fool, but being such a fool, they are incapable of knowing that they are fools for they have faith that they’re brilliant and always right. Case in point, Rhology.

  21. so too is it impossible to prove anything to someone who holds faith above reason and evidence.

    You are the man!
    You won’t provide evidence or even argue that evidence and reason are good ways to form true beliefs. You are acting just like a foaming-at-the-mouth fundy. An atheist fundy.
    So it’s apparently OK for you to challenge others’ beliefs you find laughable, but when they challenge *your* beliefs that they find laughable, all of a sudden PC sticks his head in the sand. It’s not very respectable.

    Someone who does hold faith above reason and evidence is a fool,

    Prove it.

  22. Once again, for the last time, it is impossible to prove anything to someone who places faith above reason for they could always dismiss what I prove, regardless of it’s truth, because they have faith in the contrary.

    Sadly I can’t prove to you Rho that you’re a fool, but to every reasonable person it’s plain as day.

  23. Forget proving it to ME.
    Just prove that evidence is a good way to discover truth. Provide your evidence, your case. Or just admit that you, like you accuse me of doing, have a faith stance that you can’t provide evidence for.

  24. Whether or not I can prove any of a variety of propositions does not make those propositions equal to the proposition that jesus is the lord of the universe.

    Everyone reading this is free to believe that the god of the desert is creator of the universe, and that to say the universe is roughly 14 billion years old is an equally proposed statement of faith.

    By the way, I can’t prove the first paragraph is so. Please don’t ask me to.

  25. By the way, I can’t prove the first paragraph is so. Please don’t ask me to.

    Fair enough – I’ll just take it as the naked assertion it is. And naked assertions can be overturned by naked assertions.
    You’re not giving anyone anythg that could be construed as an argument. You’re just restating your biases. But everyone knows your biases. What I’m after is just a little *argument* for them.

    How weird is it that the Christian is the gadfly asking for arguments while the atheists are the ones throwing out naked assertions, expecting everyone to swallow them just b/c they say so or b/c they agree with their already-formed biases?

  26. Forget proving it to ME.
    Just prove that evidence is a good way to discover truth.

    Okay, I’ll bite.

    I used to like drinking milk or drinks that contained milk, like milkshakes or Frappucinos at Starbucks. But then I began to notice that whenever I would consume beverages with milk I would get bad stomach cramps and get a bad case of the shits. So, I switched to soy milk and the problem went away.

    The truth: I had developed lactose intolerance. The evidence: on repeated occasions when I drank cow’s milk, I had a bad reaction to it. On repeated occasions when I drank soy milk, I had no problems. And that’s why I get my iced mochas now from places like Starbucks and Cosi instead of Dunkin’ Donuts, because DD does not offer soy milk as an option (at least up here in NY) while the other places I mentioned do. However, I still can’t drink Frappucinos, because they are not made with soy. :-(

    Okay, what’s next?

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