While debating the issue of offshore drilling, I’ve noticed some interesting things about those clamoring for drilling, and I find it interesting how they’re in line with religious thinking. Now I’m not sure which comes first, the religion leading to the thinking or the thinking leading to the religion, but I can’t help but notice [...]

Why offshore drilling is a stupid plan

If you came here expecting some environmental argument, you’re going to be disappointed. If you’re figuring on me just repeating Obama’s arguments that it’s “another example of short-term political posturing from Washington, not the long-term leadership we need to solve our dependence on oil” you’d be wrong. You’d also be wrong if you expected yet [...]

"The essence of who we are"

A few months ago I wrote about how the ability to nominate a Supreme Court Justice (or more than one) could be a singular issue in deciding who to vote for this November. Well in case you still had any doubts where the candidates stand, both McCain and Obama made it pretty clear recently. As [...]

Evil? Now There’s a Problem

Popular theme of the month – Problem of Evil. It seems this gets argued a lot. Just to give you a rudimentary explanation of the problem, we start with the guy who may have been the first one to realize there was a problem, Epicurus: Ok, so what we here is god is all powerful, [...]

Tyson, WTF?

So today The Exterminator sent out a link to us in the herd to an op-ed piece by Neil DeGrasse Tyson in the NYT. In case you don’t know, Neil is the Director of the Hayden Planetarium, host of Nova and rather charismatic and outspoken proponent on advancing science education and perhaps more importantly, instilling [...]