94th Carnival of the Godless

40 blog posts of godless goodness are all included in this most recent Carnival, and two of mine are there. Nifty. Now despite that fact, it’s still a good carnival. ;)

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12 Responses to “94th Carnival of the Godless”

  1. There were two weird posts about the problem of evil Scottie dogs, but the rest were great.

  2. No true dog should fit in a handbag or be puntable, therefore they are evil.

  3. Are Scottie Dogs evil because they’re Scotties, or are they Scotties because they’re evil?

  4. Philly, you must be a real puppy lover.

    We’ve had a baby pit around quite a bit lately and it is adorable.

    Yeah – I said “adorable”. If that makes me gay, so be it. It’s such a smoochie coochie cutie! If we didn’t already have 2 dogs and 2 cats….

  5. You know when I do Google searches for images, I often come across things I wasn’t necessarily looking for, and most of that is nasty. Today I found a German Shepherd/Norwegian Elkhound mix that easily sapped about a couple of hours out of my day. I have my baby, but she was already just turning 11 months when I rescued her. My first I got when she was a little over 3 months. Her death made me a mess for a few months until I got Elsa. Seeing these puppy pictures was bittersweet.

    So it’s ok. I’m gay for puppies too. LOL

  6. Elsa is adorable and incredibly creative.

  7. Someone has too much time on their hands.

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