Who’s Lacking?

Well the old “atheism is a lack of belief” line was trotted out again recently, and sadly it was by an atheist. I really can’t stand that phrase, and it’s a definition that theists have tried to yoke us with for a LONG time. So long in fact that most atheists blindly accept it without [...]

Atheist Trick – Contrived Proof

One of our own has offered a false proof in order to persuade everyone to conclude that “a reasonable atheist cannot argue for the death penalty”. Now that may be true, and you may even believe it’s true, but as rational and logic loving people who strive for objectivity and who condemn others, namely theists, [...]

You know that saying, “good guys finish last”? Well add to that sensible and responsible guys, too. This fucking kills me!. The Senate is playing with a bill that would create a $300 billion fund to help homeowners who have recently learned the hard way what exactly “adjustable” in adjustable rate mortgage means. So in [...]

Dobson, A Real Fruitcake

So the fruitcake known as James Dobson apparently just discovered Obama’s Call to Renewal Speech of 2006 and described Obama’s interpretation of the Constitution as a fruitcake interpretation. First, Obama’s speech (which, btw, I was first made aware of just weeks ago from everyone’s Happy Hominid, the Evolutionary Middleman): Among other bits that Dobson got [...]

94th Carnival of the Godless

40 blog posts of godless goodness are all included in this most recent Carnival, and two of mine are there. Nifty. Now despite that fact, it’s still a good carnival.