I discovered these questions from The Friendly Atheist about blogging, which are an expansion upon something from Greta Christina and to round out my linking, I discovered this all by way of The Exterminator. Hemant’s questions aren’t just about why one would blog, but specifically aimed at atheist bloggers. Although I could easily go on at length to address each question, I kept my answers fairly short and sweet. Here they are…

Why do I blog?
- because there are things that I feel force me to speak out, things that make me say something, which is why I named my blog You Made Me Say It!

What is our endgame as atheist bloggers?
- I don’t know what “our” endgame is. I don’t feel I have an endgame. I do however find it important for atheists to speak out to challenge people and ideas that threaten us. The result of such behavior is manyfold. Such challenges may be the ONLY challenges found anywhere, and as such can draw attention to threats, make people realize something is a threat, and can be the proverbial snowball that becomes an avalanche to crush such threats. Another important factor for atheist blogging is in many ways to be a beacon, a lighthouse in the storm for other atheists and freethinkers. Make no mistake, there are sadly many places in the US as well as the rest of the world where it’s frowned upon, even dangerous to express such things openly as we do on our blogs. I think the very existence of our blogs, at the very least, lets others know that it’s both ok to be an atheist and that they are not alone in this world in their thinking.

Do we want religion to become eradicated?
- Personally, yes, but by choice, not by some mandate. I want it to be something people overcome and outgrow, something people come to realize is folly and discard, but not something I want to kill or deny someone of. The best analogy I can make is perhaps smoking. I see smoking as detrimental and something I would love to see everyone stop doing, but I feel I have no place to force someone not to smoke. As long as their smoking has no ill effect on another and they don’t force it on anyone else, fine, smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em. Same for religion. If practicing your religion doesn’t hurt anyone other than yourself and you don’t try to impose it on others, knock yourself out.

Do we want more theists to treat atheists and atheism with respect? — This would involve the notion that laws would not be passed based on religious beliefs.
- I want EVERYONE to treat EVERYONE ELSE with respect, period. I see no point in making distinctions of who should be doing the respecting and who should be getting the respect. Laws can’t be made solely on the grounds of religious belief. That’s inherently exclusionary and contrary to what at least the US was founded upon, and contrary to what I feel should be the bedrock of all nations. An idea can have it’s origin in a religion, or might simply be an idea that a religion endorses, but that alone is not enough to make it a law. Like ALL ideas, it must have merit on it’s own, and if it does, then it should be considered for making into a law.

Do we just want to rant?
- Well yeah, that’s part of it. ;)

Note – Graphic is entitled “Against the gods” by Frank Frazetta. I originally thought of doing some sort of lighthouse graphic but come on, I think a sword hoisting barbarian is perhaps more apropos for this blog, no? Of course who needs an excuse for using Frazetta? He’s a master. Personally I’m not against the gods, I’m against the idea that they’re real, and against people using that nonsense to ruin my day in some way, or even anyone else’s day other than their own.

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  1. Great post. I’m happy to be one of the people who made you say it.

  2. Damn. That thing between his legs is just a sword, huh? :(

  3. The sword is in his hand, if it keeps up your hopes, Chappy! :) Now, it could be the sheath, but it looks way to small for that sword, so….

  4. Do you folks drive? Yikes, get some glasses.

    He’s got a dagger or very small sword in his belt, and a proper sized on in his hand. Neither of them have sheaths, because barbarians don’t gots no time for sheaths.

  5. You mean he has casual sex without a sheath? How wrong-headed is that?

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